Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hairtherapy: Repair Rescue Conditioner

Good evening ladies,

This will be my last review of the Schwarzkopf trio which I bought when I had my hair dyed purple. I've previously reviewed the sulfate-free shampoo and the hair-mousse like conditioner in the middle. So the last will be the small sized conditioner, Repair Rescue.


I don't really like the packaging for the shampoo and the conditioner. The top heavy design does nothing to the product's appeal. The plastic of the bottles are too hard for me to be able to squeeze every last drop of product out of it; additionally, the roundness also adds to my difficulty to cut the bottle in half (again for the purpose of getting every last bit of product out of it). The lid covers, in contrast are made out of thin plastic and break easily. I dropped the shampoo and now the lid's joint is loose.

Product Consistency:

The product is quite light and does not leave a filmy kind-of sticky residue on your hands after application. However, when applied on hair, it does little to de-tangle my somewhat hard, wet hair, and does not feel anything like a conditioner.


When I chose to buy this instead of the sulfate-free conditioner, I was told that this product was used for women with rebonded hair as rebond is very damaging hence assuring me that this was the closest to a hair salon treatment for my hair. I was also given instructions to ensure that I let the product stay for not more than five minutes or else it'll leave my hair hard. Unfortunately, despite following such instructions, I find that this conditioner fails in conditioning my hair. I was disappointed to find out that this expensive conditioner could not even deliver results that a cheaper conditioner could.


I think the full size will cost around Php 1,000.

In summary:

I do not recommend buying into the temptation of these promo products next time you're in a salon. I guess Schwarzkopf are just not compatible with my hair since they haven't performed well for me; even their hair dyes don't stick as long. With it's poor performance, it's better to stick with cheaper conditioners for your treated hair.

I hope this has helped you a little in deciding whether to go for that promo deal the next time you're asked to buy your salon's products. Do share with me if you had the same or different experience using Schwarzkopf brands.


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