Friday, September 16, 2016

Review : Nature Republic Blemish Lab Bye Pore Base

Hello dearies!

As someone with oily and acne-prone skin, it's hard to keep my makeup looking fresh all day. I do try my best to find long-staying foundations, but I also look for good primers or makeup bases for support.

One of the products I've used is the...

Nature Republic Blemish Lab Bye Pore Base
I bought it from their Landmark, Makati branch for PhP 435.00.

What made me attracted to the product is that it promises to make your pores appear smaller and helps control oil.

Check out the product info from the packaging:

And more info from
It's housed in a squeezable plastic tube with very minimal design. It actually looks professional although I find the color very dull. It wouldn't stand out when placed next to the brand's other products.

The nozzle is small which makes getting the product out of the tube easy to control.

Here's what the product looks like

When slightly spread

The texture is creamy but not very thick. It's surprisingly lightweight, but if I have to compare it with other primers that refines pore, it's not as velvety soft as the popular Benefit Porefessional nor the one from Maybelline. 

When spread out

when it sets

It's finish is matte but it will take a good 20-30 seconds before it completely sets. 

Here's how it works on my face:
Bare face

With the product

As you can see, it didn't really do much on the pores. It just made my skin more matte. It doesn't have any tint so it didn't help in making my skin tone look even.

With BB cream

My face looked better with BB Cream but I think it's because the BB is really good (review here).

With finishing powder (and I also added concealer on acne scars)

I think that what this makeup base did is that it made the application easier because it made the base (my skin) smoother. I guess it also helps in prolonging makeup, but my BB cream is also long-wearing to begin with.

But in terms of its promises, I have to say that it performed below average. It barely did any difference for my pores and my skin is still as oily as ever. With or without this product doesn't have any difference.

So to summarize:

What I LIKE:

- Squeezable tube
- Locally available
- Sort of affordable
- Light weight
- Smoothens the skin
- Easy to apply and spread
- Matte finish
- No alcohol content


- Barely did anything for the appearance of my pores
- No oil control
- Not as soft as other pore refining primers
- Packaging design is dull

Would I buy again? No. It didn't meet my expectation (and I didn't even set it high since it's quite affordable). I'd rather buy the Oil Queen Cotton Primer from Holika Holika or Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Let's Make It Last Makeup Primer, which are of the same price range. :/

And that's my review of Nature Republic's Blemish Lab Bye Pore Base! :)


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