Friday, December 11, 2015

Too Cool For School Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser

Hey dears!

Some months ago, I was able to take home this cleanser when I covered a branch opening of Too Cool for School. This is one of the products I received...

Too Cool For School Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser

The Morocco Ghassoul line of the brand is not a stranger to Liz and I. Liz actually did a short review of their cream pack and I also used the Rules of Pore Magic Pore Balm which is pretty much near the same line because it deals with large pore problems. :P

The 150 ml tube is PhP 519.00.

But before I go on to my short review, here's the product description from the website:

The caption is a little small but you can click the photo for a larger view... but since I'm trying to not be lazy, I'll just type it below. :P

Why we love it
Contains 5% Moroccan mud and deeply cleanses the skin without stripping off its natural moisture.

What else you need to know
- Pulverized Ghassoul grains deeply cleanses pores and exfoliates skin
- Recommended to people with oily and troubled skin

How to use it
1. Apply suitable amount on hands
2. Make lots of bubbles with your hands
3. Massage lightly on face
4. Rinse with water

Beauty Tip
Use Facial Washing Bubble Net to create more bubbles!

Additional details on the back of the tube:

I like the packaging. Besides pump bottles, I like my cleansers in easy-to-squeeze tubes. It's easy to dispense the product and I don't waste any of it because I can easily cut the tube out to get the little amount left inside when I'm about to finish it.

It is scented and it smells clean and pleasant. The product looks like a very pale beige shade that's thick and creamy. Only a little bit of product, maybe a pea size, is needed to wash the whole face. When you massage it, it lathers pretty good. It doesn't create much bubbles but it creates a creamy foam.

After I wash my face with this, my face feels very clean but not dry. It effectively removes the excess sebum from my oily skin but it doesn't strip it off with all of the natural oils, I believe. My skin still feels soft. It also effectively cleans my face from dirt, dead skin, and from the remaining makeup that might not have been completely removed by my makeup remover. I also didn't have any irritations nor breakouts when I use this, so yay!

I like this cleanser. I have nothing negative to say about it... well, I guess the price is a bit higher compared to the cleansers from other Korean skin brands, but I guess this is still within the price range that I am willing to spend my money on for skincare.

I guess that's about it for today's post!
Have you tried the Too Cool For School Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser yet?



  1. I love this one too! Ubos na. Haha :D

    1. Ambilis ko din naubos e. Haha! I like this one too. :D