Wednesday, December 09, 2015

NOTD: An Easy Gradient Blue

Hey everyone!

Something awful happened yesterday. The hard drive of my laptop died! I'm not sure if any of my files can still be recovered... Good thing I backed-up some of my files a few months back. The more recent ones are those that I'm afraid of losing foreverrrr. Oh well... I might not blog as often in the next few days... probably weeks. But that's a big MIGHT. I'll try my best to post at least 3x a week. ;)

Anyway, I'll share with you an NOTD for now. :)

Check out my super easy gradient nails! :D

I only used these three lovely nail polishes:

After I applied the base coat (ORLY) and the base nail polish (Jenna Hipp), I took the glittery one (Code Professional) and applied from the center of my nails to the tip. And then I applied again from 1/3 from the tip upwards.

And this is the result! A very easy gradient and glittery finish. No need for 3 colors of nail polishes nor sponges. :)

The polishes have been on my nails for almost a week when i took the photos. :P

And that's my NOTD! What do you think?


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