Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review: Too Cool For School Rules of Pore Magic Pore Balm

Hi loves!

Okay, so do any of you have this enlarged pores problem? I have that. And one of the things I look for in primers (or even why I use them) is to make them look smaller. So when I was browsing the Too Cool For School Kiosk in Glorietta 3 last May, I was "sales-talked" by their SA to buy this product...

Too Cool For School Rules of Pore Magic Pore Balm
I got it for PhP 715.00.

I usually do not fall easily for sales talks but the SA just has this super good skin and she told me she used this magic pore balm and a BB cream from the brand to make her skin look so flawless. Back then I only have 1 primer in my stash so a second one wouldn't hurt... so I bought it! :P

I've been using the product for the past few months and I would like to share my experience with it, but first, here's a product info from this online store—Korea Depart:

And the list of ingredients are on the package label:

On to the review...

Closeup of the product

The product is a white balm... well, it's transparent when applied. It has a mild minty-herby scent but it's so mild you can barely smell it when you apply it on skin.

It comes with a sponge applicator... that's not so useful... well, I don't like using it... I rather use a foundation brush or my fingers.

Here's how the product looks like when swatched on my hand. See, it's transparent. It feels very silky and smooth. It doesn't feel heavy either.

I posted how it looks when applied on my cheeks (where my pores on my face are largest). Check them out below:

Bare skin

With the product

With BB Cream

With powder on top

With the rest of my makeup.

I use the product after I applied toner and moisturizer and before I apply my foundation/BB cream and color on my face. I apply on the T-Zone and the cheeks and the skin near the nose. As you can see on the photos above, it slightly helped in minimizing my pores. I was expecting more but at least there is a difference, especially on the sides of my nose. Although I think the loose powder made the appearance of my pores smaller better. :P

But I can't deny that my face do look smooth after I apply the rest of my makeup! ;)

It keeps my makeup in-place well but there are days when I experience some caking. Although I am not entirely sure if it's because of this or the BB cream + powder combo because I don't get that when I use Smashbox primer. It does help with the oil control! 

Overall, I am not so fond with the product but I don't hate it. I guess I just expected better... and I guess the SA just has super good skin. Haha!

Anyway, here's a summary of my review:

What I LIKE:
- Can help makeup stay in-place
- Locally available
- Price is okay
- Mildly scented
- Silky smooth
- Cute packaging
- Slight oil control
- Feels light on skin

- I expected that it minimize my pores more
- The sponge it comes with isn't so good
- I still experience some caking

Would I repurchase? I think not. This is not the best one I've used and I would love to try more pore minimizing primers. :)

And that is my review. What do you guys think of the Too Cool For School Rules of Pore Magic Pore Balm?



  1. A friend of mine gave me a the body shop pore minimizer primer and it's really good! I have big pores too so I have been using that primer a lot :D I think the body shop performs better than this though and the tin container makes it unhygienic :( But your skin after the rest of the makeup is flawless as always!!! :D Super ganda!!!

    1. I've tried that product from TBS and I do prefer that over this. :)

  2. Ehhh I was expecting super blurred...:\

  3. aww. I thought it was good for its price.

    1. Yeah... there are probably primers out there that can make my pores look smaller but are still in the same price range.

  4. But what I have observed that it really helped in oil control. Still thinking of trying it out.

    1. True. It's good in controlling oil. If that's your main concern, then you can definitely try this out!