Monday, December 07, 2015

Review : Shawill High Precision 24h Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

Hey folks! 

Don't you just love it when you discover a good product and it's super affordable? That's one of the things that make me sooo excited as a beauty junkie. It's like I have this quest to find a dupe or a really awesome deal.

So a few months ago, I was in this "quest" of mine and I stumbled at the counter of Shawill. It's been a while since I checked any of their products out. The first thing that caught my eye was their Shawill Coloring Eyebrow and I was hoping that it will be a very affordable dupe of the K-Palette Brow Pen. I'll make a review of that soon. Anyway, the SA then recommended this eyeliner next. I was quite hesitant at first to buy it because I already have plenty of eyeliners lying around my stash... but then I swatched it and I got interested because it was really black. You'll see when I post the pictures later on the post. ;)

 Shawill High Precision 24h Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

Another reason why I bought this is that it's only PhP 99.00! It's super cheap that I don't mind if it doesn't turn out well... but if it did, then I'll be super happy!

Anyway, check out the product info below:

A deep black, 24-hour lasting and waterproof eyeliner? That sounds like heaven! Not to mention how light it is on the wallet. This claim is too good to be true for me so to tell you the truth, I wasn't expecting much because it was so cheaply priced. :P

But for a PhP 99.00 eyeliner, the packaging looks great. The pink and black combination gives that sexy and feminine vibe. The size is non-bulky and very easy to carry when traveling.

The brush is like a felt tip pen's. The tip is not that fine but I think the thickness of the line it creates is good enough for an everyday look.

Here's a closeup.

And here's the swatch! See how black it is? I like that the formula is not runny that it sinks in the lines of my hands. And I also like that it dries fast so I don't need to wait too long to completely open my eyes.

To check the staying power, I did some tests...

Here's how it performed after I rubbed the swatch several times.

Here's how it did after rubbing it with running water.

It smudged a little but it's quite impressive how it stayed in-place given that I rubbed it quite hard while it was wet.

And check out below how it looks like when I apply it on top of my upper lash line:

It's quite easy to use—like drawing with a pen. I can get a solid line with just one stroke.

The product is really black but as you can see on the photo above, shimmery shadows can reduce the intensity of the blackness of the liner because the shimmers stick on the product. This factor is not very visible when you don't focus much on the eyes as you can see on a selfie below.

The staying power is fairly decent. I don't think it can withstand my oily lids for 24 hours. It actually starts to smudge at around 7 hours. I also don't think that it is completely waterproof because as you can see on the swatches I did, it started to smudge when I rubbed it with water. But hey, I don't think anyone would rub their eyes with water rigorously knowing they have eyeliner on (unless it's super itchy perhaps?).

Even though it can stay for a long while, removing it with makeup remover is easy. Just a few swipes of the cotton pad with makeup remover can do the trick. The finish of this is like those that you can peel off actually so I guess that contributes as to how easy it is to remove which is good because having to rub the eye area a lot is a no-no, especially since it is a sensitive area and it can lead to early signs of wrinkles.

To summarize my review:

What I LIKE:

- Very affordable at PhP 99.00
- Very black
- Lasts long
- Very water resistant
- Packaging
- Locally available (can be found in leading departments stores)
- Easy to remove with makeup remover
- Easy to manipulate
- Dries quickly after application


- It smudges on my oily lids after around 7 hours of wearing
- The shimmers from my eyeshadows get stuck on the product, reducing the blackness

Would I repurchase? I probably would not. The product is good but I like it better if it really does not smudge on my lids. If you have dry to normal skin, then this would most probably stay on your lids, smudge-free, way longer and maybe even the whole day. I do recommend it to beginners. It will surely be a fantastic practice product. It's cheap and works quite well!

And that is my review! What are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried the Shawill High Precision 24h Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil yet?



  1. I have! Haha may review pa nga ako. Pero long story short, I didn't like it. It cracked on the outer corners of my eyes. :/

    1. Maybe because of the formula that's why it cracked? It has that "rubberized" effect kasi so maybe when we move our face muscles, the product cant hold too well that's why it cracks. That's just a theory though. Anyway, for a PhP99, it is good. I guess it's because I didn't expect too much from it because it is cheaply priced. :P

  2. Nice! Affordable liner I can practice with! Thanks Dawn!