Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review : Kala Milk Lotion

Hey loves!

Only a few hours left before 2015 ends. I bet you're all enjoying a festive dinner right now or having fun with family and friends. I, on the other hand, am enjoying a peaceful movie night with my dogs. New year's eve is a stressful evening to them so I try to do my best to calm them down and that is to give them exercise during the day and early evening to wear them down, give them a heavy dinner, and try to keep them in a room where the noise from the fireworks aren't as loud. 

But before I resume and play another movie, I'll be sharing a review of a newly discovered skincare product...

Kala Milk Lotion

This is one of the newest products from Kala Milk. I've introduced the brand before (you can read the post here) and also featured the lotion in our post about their holiday soaps (click here for the post).

I received this lotion just last month for review. I have tried their soaps and I became a fan because of their super creamy and moisturizing properties. That being said, I was so excited to try the lotion out. I expected a very creamy and moisturizing experience with it. And I just love milk so that too adds to the excitement.

So let's get to know the product first from the labels:

And here are more info from BeautyMNL:

A light moisturizing body lotion for silky, supple skin

Deeply hydrates, nourishes, softens and smoothens skin; formulated with carabao milk, shea butter, virgin coconut oil, and essential oils; lightweight, non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed by skin

Intensive skin-softening, even on hot days

(1) bottle Kala Milk Lotion

One bottle is worth PhP 265.00 only.

The bottle is a very simple plastic bottle with a large opening, which is ideal if you see the consistency of the product. I find the label design cute, but the bottle to be very basic (I've seen so many brands who use this same bottle shape and size), which is still a good thing for me. 

The scent of the lotion is not just milky, it has like an herby smell too. I don't know the exact smell but it's not overpowering and is barely noticeable after a few minutes have passed.

And as expected, the lotion is really creamy, LIKE REALLY CREAMY. The consistency is very, very, VERY THICK. Even if you shake the bottle, it will not easily come out. It's a good thing that the opening is large, as mentioned, so that you can just scoop the product with a spatula if it becomes difficult to get some out. What I do is I leave it upside down so that the product is already at the mouth of the bottle, which will make things easier.

Even though the product is thick and creamy, it is not greasy nor super sticky and it doesn't feel that your skin can't breathe. I don't like it when lotions, especially when they are as thick as this one like body butters, feel like it's suffocating my skin... so I am happy that this does not do that. In short, it feels light on skin in just a couple of minutes after application. I believe that this is because the product gets absorbed by the skin easily. It's also pretty easy to spread on skin. I don't have to keep massaging until I don't see the white lotion on me, which is surprising considering how thick it is.

It's mostly organic if not all. My skin didn't experience any irritations. And it does a great job in providing my skin the moisture it needs. Even my friends complimented how soft my skin was. I partner this with the Milk Chocolate variant (one of the holiday blends of Kala Milk) and the result is fantastic! If you do have dry skin, I can't say if the moisture it gives is good enough. But for me who has oily skin on the face and do not experience much dryness in the body, this is good enough.

So to summarize...

What I LIKE:
- Moisturizes my skin
- Smells good
- No irritations
- No greasy nor sticky feeling
- Gets absorbed by the skin easily
- Affordable
- Filipino made
- Package design

- The product is so thick that it can be a challenge to get the product out of the bottle

And that is my review of Kala Milk Lotion! What are your thoughts on this product? What's your favorite organic lotion?

WOOOOOT! 2016, here we come!


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