Wednesday, December 02, 2015

"Pasalubong" Haul from Korea

Hello ladies,

My sister is currently taking up HRM at UST and last week she and her batch went to Korea for their international tour. Here are a few things she bought for us:

My sister focused a lot on skin care shopping while she was there and well, I can't really blame her, Korean skin care are one of the best and most affordable ones. She bought a lot of the Snail Face Masks there, like 30 pieces, so look forward for a review in the coming days.

One thing I told my sister to do was to ask for samples and giveaways, and well, see how many she got. I think she got more products from the giveaways than her actual purchases. Most are skin care and well, with this really dry weather (even if it should be cooler), I can't thank her enough.

Dawn asked for really hot ramyun and my sister bought a whole box. Maybe a lot of her friends here asked for the same thing. But Dawn and I are really excited to eat the choco-sandwiches in red. We're very much reminded of GD's choco-dish during their Happy Together appearance.

And what's an overseas trip without the usual trinkets of bottle openers, magnets and nail cutters, right?

So that's all there is to this pasalubong haul. Tell us which ones you want us to review or which ones have you already tried before and how was your experience using those products. :)

A little side note since we're in the subject of Korea,

Congratulations BIGBANG for winning Song and Artist of the Year at MAMA. :)

That's it.


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