Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Peachy Pink Sisters Recycle! Wrapping Gifts with Brown Paperbags

Hey everyone!

How's your December so far? Christmas is coming soooooon. I've been wrapping presents for my family and friends lately. Have you done yours?

This Christmas... well, I have been doing this for many years actually, I try to be a bit helpful to our environment and chose to recycle when it comes to wrapping gifts. I'll be sharing with you what I've been doing for the past years and maybe this can give you ideas on how to save up and also be environment-friendly.

I didn't spend a cent when it comes to the wrappers and ribbons. All were recycled... well, except for the scotch tape I guess. Haha!

I collected ribbons from previous gifts and art projects.

Brown paper bags I got from buying items such as groceries.

I reuse boxes from subscription boxes and other products bought before.

Plastic containers are good too!

The thing about this is you are gonna be sort of a pack rat, like a hoarder of recyclable stuff. It will consume space in the house so I guess it depends if you are willing to allot space for the boxes and such until Christmas. :P 

Anyway, I just wrap it in whatever manner I like. I suck at wrapping gifts actually so they don't really look fancy at all. I know some people who can make their recycled wrappers neat and pretty. But hey, I'm just giving ideas here. lol

And there you have it! A simple way of wrapping gifts at no cost and you get to be environmentally friendly! What's not to like about it? :P



  1. I love this please make it a series (recycling).

    1. I would love to! I'll post more for sure! :D

  2. I also do these things when it comes to wrapping gifts. I use old boxes, ribbons and even paper bags that are still in good condition. I just put some creativeness on it and after that, its now ready for giving.