Thursday, December 24, 2015

October-November Haul: Art Materials and Products from Laguna

Hey guys!

This is actually a late post. Hihihi... But these stuff that I'll be sharing are the things that makes me even happier than when I buy makeup. :P

I've been buying a lot of art materials during the last couple of months. Actually, I think that I've spent the most money on art materials during this period compared to previous months... in my whole life! Haha! And I have no regrets! I love everything. :D

The first photo contains the items that my friend who went to Tokyo bought for me. I gave her money and a list of things that I would like to try out. I heard that most of the materials listed are way cheaper when bought there.

I'm so happy that my friend is a fellow art student so she was able to get the stuff that I wanted. Except for the vanity mirror (red with sakura prints) and the Kitkat, all the items in the photo is around $50 US. Great deal, right? :)

Here's my first try using the Neopiko-2 Markers. I got a lot of likes when I posted this on Facebook. I didn't thought people would like this style of drawing from me. :P

I also bought a Koi Watercolour set. Ever since, I've been using Prang. It's a student-quality watercolor, but it's still good. I never tried other brands because I don't really like using watercolor. I, however, use the medium a lot so that I can be good at it. I like to challenge myself that way. 

Koi is still considered a student/beginner-quality watercolor but I think it's a little bit better when it comes to the pigmentation. You can see it on the work I did below.

This is like a two-hour work... or maybe less. I did it just to try out the new set. 

I also bought some monochromatic markers.

And here's my first work using them.

And oh! I also want to share another watercolor work I made. I've been watching DC Animated shows and films for weeks so I thought of drawing one of the big three superheroes from DC. My favorite is Batman but I thought that if I drew him, I would use all my black color up. :P

The last few art materials I bought were from Scribe and National Bookstore.

The first two are for calligraphy. That's an art form that I would like to be good at. :P
While the last two are also markers. :P
Speedball Signature Series (Silver and Gold) - PhP 545.00
Speedball Oblique Pen Set - PhP 645.00
Zig Brush Marker - Php 116.00
Kuretake Zig Chalk Pastel Colours (white) - PhP 97.00

I also bought like 5 art books... Although most of them are for research for my class in Graduate School. :P

Ohhhh. Last November, my office went on a trip to Laguna. I was able to buy all these stuff:

These shoes were only PhP 250.00. They are woven and they look pretty with a plain shirt and skinny jeans/leggings.

Fresh Local Coffee Beans
Not sure how much I was able to get this... I think it was around PhP 200.00.

Meringue and Eggnogs
Can't remember the price again. :(

Some hat-shaped purses!
Bought these as pasalubongs. I think I got this somewhere between PhP50-80.00.

Some Milea All Organics Soaps for PhP 75.00.
I know Milea is already available in some stores in Manila. I was just in the mood to use organic soaps again and I was running out already when I bought these three. :P

And those were some of the items I bought during the months of October and November. I already lost the receipts for these purchases. That's why I wasn't able to list the price for most of the items. If you are interested to know, you can comment below and hopefully the item you are eyeing still has its price tag. :P


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