Sunday, December 27, 2015

Skin Pampering with Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Mask

Hello lovelies!

How was your Christmas celebration? I hope that you were able to enjoy the festivities. After all the Noche Buena, going out late at night with friends and family, and even attending the simbang gabi, we might be depriving our bodies with sleep during the past few days. I'm currently feeling the need to catch-up on my needed rest because during the past couple of days, my sleep lasted for around 10 hours, when I usually sleep for only 7-8 hours.

The 'tiredness' also showed on the skin. Mine was looking dull and I did get some zits (the food and my period probably contributed on this too). That's why I am pampering my skin with...

 Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Mask
A mask is PhP 98.00.

So according to the packaging, it promises to brighten and even skin tone. That's great since I am trying to get back the natural glow of my face. :D

For more info, here's a photo of the product information found at the back of the packaging. I'm glad that it has SOME english labels because many Korean products don't. Unfortunately, many important infos weren't, like the precautionary advice and ingredients list.

The packaging is a bit different from the usual Korean products that I see. It's not cutesy but it still looks eye-catching. Since the packaging is slightly bigger, I thought that the sheet may be bigger. It was a good sign for me because I have a big face.

But as you can see, it didn't reach the end of my jaw. But hey, it fit my face pretty well in terms of the eye, nose, lips, chin, and even forehead areas. I just added some essence from what remains in the container on the sides of my face that was not covered by the mask. Take note that I really have a big face and I think it fits better on majority of people. Haha!

Apologies for the duck face as well. And yes, I'm wearing a blue-green floral daster. :P

I had the mask on for 20 minutes. I really like how it feels when wearing face masks because I feel so relaxed. The mask didn't fell off and I'm happy that it didn't tore when I was unfolding it. Some mask sheets are so thin that when I unfold it after opening, some gets torn off. This one didn't and it held the essence quite well—not much dripping from the sheet happened. 

I also liked how it smelled. It's so mild that it won't become irritating unlike some strong-scented face masks. If I have to describe the scent... maybe it's kinda fruity? I'm not very sure because I'm bad at describing scents (lol).

Hello bare face! Haha! Yeah, I have to fix some redness and some acne here and there... but look at how hydrated my face looks! I also think that my skin looks less dull than before I had the mask on. So yeah, I think it helped brighten the face, but the evening-out the skin tone part, I guess it may show if I continue using this mask for more than once. 

The remainder of the essence I applied on my neck and my arms. My skin felt very soft and I feel very relaxed. It helps if you are in a cool, air-conditioned room. 

I'm definitely satisfied with the mask and I can't wait to try out more from this brand!

If you would like to know more about them, visit their
Twitter: @LeadersPH

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