Friday, June 26, 2015

FOTD: Because It's the Rainy Season Again

Hey loves!

Just gonna post something short and simple. :P

The last few days had rainy mornings, which made me smile when I wake up. Why you ask? Because I can wear my dark makeup looks without thinking that I should wear bright colors because it's summer (No one really tells me that I should wear bright colors... it's just that that's how things are usually done according to magazines and what the beauty industry says and stuff). Well, it's not summer anymore! Yayyy! Double celebration because I just hate summer. Hahahaha! Hello rainy season! :D :D :D

Here's the makeup I wore. It's very vampy!

I regret using a metallic browcara. It stands out too much but in natural lighting, it's quite natural-looking, very close to my hair color. I have full bangs anyway so my brows are covered. :P 

And that's my FOTD! :P

Hooray! It's no longer the summer! Haha! I just hope that the temperature gets a little cooler. :)



  1. :3 yeah. I hate summers too. Too hot. I hate the feeling of waking up early already sweaty then "Ok, ligo muna ako." Then again I get sweaty again the moment I step out of the bathroom -_- I hate putting on makeup on summers. Forget about those bright summer lipsticks if the rest of my makeup melts off just before I apply lipstick. Grrrr. Rainy days are awesome whether you're in school/office or just get lazy inside your room. Let's light up some scented candles, get a hot mug of coffee/tea and open a good book or write on diary :3 Awesome life.

    1. Ugh. Can't agree with you more. Cool days are always awesome. <3

  2. Oh I love your lips!! I've been wanting to wear a deep wine color for a while but tend to always go pink or nude! Singapore's weather has been crazy hot and humid, dryer on some days but never cool!

    1. I heard that Singapore can sometimes get warmer than here in the Philippines. All I can say is, damn this heat!!!