Monday, June 01, 2015

May 2015 Haul

Hello loves!

Great news! I'm now relaxed and worry-free because my semester in Grad school just finished and I get to have sleep again! Yaaaay! UST changed their school year schedule so our sem just ended and the next one will start in August so I have two months of "me time."

I also was able to focus on my job. I design books and recently, I painted this for one of our soon-to-be-published books:

This is just a design proposal though. It has to be approved by my boss and the author. This is just one of the two designs that I submitted.

I also bought a few items! The sale from different brands were crazy these past few days! I just couldn't resist! Here are the stuff I bought:

Red Fioni flats from Payless.
This was on sale and I bought this for only Php 486.50.

The Body Shop English Dawn Body Mist
The product was on sale (around 40-50%) and I was able to buy it for only Php 597.00. I just love this scent and my name is on it! Haha!

Of course I have to drop by Daiso! They always have something interesting new in the store...

And look! There are egg sponges available for only Php 88.00! Yay! They are not as soft as Beauty Blenders and they are quite wide in diameter but they still work great! I first encountered this while I was blog hopping and found a couple of bloggers who bought these sponges as well.

And I also bought these cotton buds and a fragrance deo, both for Php 88.00.

Then I bought this Magic Pore Balm from Too Cool for School. It was in its regular price of Php 715.00, BUT I got a freebie! A lipgloss that's worth Php 500+! Wow, right? I like the nude shade too! This promo was only available in their new Glorietta branch until last Sunday and only 20 people were able to avail this. 

Zen Zest Room Fragrance in Uplifting and Calming
I was able to grab these before the sale was over. It will be phased out soon too. Got this for Php 100.00, original price was Php 250.00.

During the Soundbites event, we were able to obtain a Robinsons GC worth 1k and I used the GCs to buy makeup! The Revlon products were on 50% off, Got the CC Cream for only Php 397.50, the Lip balm for Php 287.50. The Maybelline White Superfresh wasn't on sale but I want to try it out because many were saying that it works great. :D

Finally, my favorite purchase for the month is this very elegant sketchpad that I discovered in Bibliarch, Glorietta. It's a bit pricey at Php 585.00 but I think it's totally worth it! The paper is great and the way it is binded is strong. I really love this and can't wait to draw something on it. :D

And those were my purchases for the month of May! Which one is your favorite?



  1. waah sayang nagsale pala Revlon >_< I want the balm stains

    1. Aww. I wish I could have blogged about the sale sooner. :(

  2. I also bought Revlon's balm stain! Ang ganda ng shade na smitten! hahaha

  3. English Dawn smells so pretty. I was seriously tempted to get it, when I saw that there were still stocks left. Buuut nagpigil-pigil muna. Spending ban! Good choice, though.

    1. I agree! Love that scent! I admire your powers to make pigil. Haha! It's so hard to resist something this good!

  4. Pore balm and Revlon CC review please!!!!

    1. Okie dokie! I'll try to post my review soon! :D