Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+ / PA+++ in Honey Beige W24

Hello dearies!

The first ever BB cushion I've tried is the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion! 
I was able to get another pact but there's something a little bit different—the packaging. It is now white and the main label on the center of the compact has the word "Precious Mineral" instead of the "E."

I've already blogged about my review on the Precious Mineral Any Cushion. But to refresh your memory, check my review and the pic below to see what it used to look like:

Although both compacts look cute, I prefer the white packaging. It looks classier for me!

The Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion is available in three shades—Light Beige, Natural Beige, Honey Beige.

The one that I have right now is the darkest shade, which is Honey Beige.

It's been a while since I used the Precious Mineral Any Cushion (almost two years!) so I'm happy that I was able to receive one and use it again. So for this post, I'll share an update on how I find the cushion pact now, especially during the summer season where the sun is so intense and we sweat a lot. And oh, my oily skin has been going berserk! LOL

Here's the details on the packaging:

This is the info about the product from the press release:

Precious Mineral Any Cushion (Php 1,098.00)
Look fresh up to 8 hours with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion! Its cushion using the air
pump technology that functions to spread a generous layer of a combination of BB
cream, CC cream, and foundation onto the skin with just a light pat. Bring it with you
anywhere for effortless touch ups anytime!

What are the functions of the 6-in-1 almighty cushion?
✦ Sun Protection of SPF50+/PA+++
✦ Foundation-like Coverage
✦ Sebum Control
✦ Whitening
✦ Cooling
✦ Moisturizing

Just like the older design, it comes with a mirror and an applicator, which is pretty much just like the old one—soft and it absorbs an adequate amount of product.

I love that the applicator has its own compartment so it doesn't touch the cushion part when not in use. It's hygienic!

I like this set up in BB cushions because you can bring it and retouch anywhere with ease!

The product has that familiar scent which you'll smell from the Precious Mineral BB Creams. I love that sweet, floral scent so much. You can also feel a slight cooling sensation but it only lasts a few seconds. It's still comforting. 

Here's a swatch on my arm. It would look like Honey Beige looks dark on my arm, but I guess my face is just darker because when applied on my face, I look pale. See my before and after pics below:

I'm not satisfied with this finish but I am not surprised at the same time because this happened when I first used the Precious Mineral Any Cushion two years ago. This would still be a problem for those who do not have fair skin. I don't think I'm considered morena yet but the darkest shade is still too light for me. :(

But what I am really happy about is that it still has the same medium coverage (for super dark spots, you would still need concealer) and semi-matte-semi-dewy finish! It looks so natural, especially when I apply the rest of my makeup. Take note that on the pic below, I applied a loose powder that is closer to my skin color so that it would even-out the lightness of the BB Cream.

BOOM! Brows! Sorry, I have yet to use a browcara when I took the photo. LOL

The BB Cushion is pretty much the same as before. Same lightness on skin and SPF50 and PA+++ which is really awesome for this summer season. It still lasts the whole day on my face, unfortunately it still lacks oil control (I should always remember to blot, blot, blot every 3-4 hours). What I notice, though, is that it cakes on some areas of my face, especially when my face starts to oil up. If you have dry areas (such as the areas I have acne which are being treated) the product makes the dry flaky skin visible, so try to fully moisturize the skin when you use this. If you do not suffer from too oily skin or dry skin, then this would probably look great on you (much envy!!!).

I still think that the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion is one of the brand's best BBs. I also think that this is one of the affordable BB cushions (at Php 1,098.00) out there so it's easy on the wallet. It's also easy to use so it's a great choice for beginners because all you need is the sponge applicator that comes with it, no need for fancy makeup brushes to apply it. 

Have you tried the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion? What do you think of its new look?



  1. Which would you recommend more, the regular Etude BB cream or this compact?

    1. I think I like the cushions better in terms of performance but the creams are still good and they last longer!

  2. I want to try! I got the CC Cream we used on my makeover and tried using it ALL OVER the face. Not good. I don't know how white BBs or CCs are supposed to work T_T

    1. Ha! If you want FLAWLESS, I recommend foundations pa din. BBs and CCs are almost always trial and error for me. :P

  3. This sounds great in terms of coverage! I'm sorry to know that it's still not the best color match, most korean and japanese brands still only have 2-3 shades when it comes to bb products and they'd have even more customers if they made more shades! I totally will swatch this in store, I haven't tried any face products from etude house yet!

    1. BB creams would be so awesome to use since they have skincare benefits already but the shades are always an issue since most of the available ones are too light or not warm enough for my skin tone. There are some brands that are launching more shades though. :D