Friday, June 19, 2015

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes in Cherry Blossom

Hello gorgeous!

If you're in-love with the color pink, then I am definitely sure that you will like this eyeshadow palette from Etude House!

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes in Cherry Blossom

The palette's shade is named after the beautiful cherry blossom tree, and I was quick to assume that the colors would be a mix of different pinks from soft ones when the cherry blossoms just started to bloom to a warmer pink shade when the blossoms are more mature. I was right. ;)

I've seen cherry blossoms for the first time this year when we went to Jeju and I just found them so lovely.

So pretty!

 I was excited to open the palette and see what's inside. But before I show you, check out the packaging:

The shape is simple and rectangular. I really appreciate the slim compact because it doesn't take up too much space. The shades inside are quite wearable so this palette can definitely be an easy choice to bring when traveling.

Anyway, here's the product info from the box. Just click the photo to enlarge.

And more info from the press release:

Fantastic Color Eyes Palette (Php 848.00)

Our Fantastic Color eyes are available in two new palettes with beautiful summer colors reminiscent of roses and cherry blossoms. Make your eyes look blooming like flowers with Fantastic Color Eyes palette!

And now, let's open the compact...

drum roll please...

It's composed of pinks and sort of nude pinks! It's also a mix of shimmery and matte shadows! 

The compact has a mirror too, another reason why it's great to take with you when you travel.

It also comes with an applicator. The bigger one for the lighter shades while the thinner one for the dark shades.

Below you'll see the closeup of the palette as well as the names of each shade.

And these are the swatches:

They are very pigmented. I really like the 3 shimmery shades at the left side. The mattes are a little powdery but I usually use makeup brushes when I apply this so I tap the brush first for cleaner application.

Here are two eye makeup looks I did using this palette:

First is a combination of the three shades at the left and the dark brown one. This is a beautiful pinkish nude eye makeup that you can use everyday. I just line my eyes with a black liquid liner for more definition.

The next look is using all the matte pinks and the dark brown shade at the outer corners. I also used the soft pink shade, Hello Spring, on top of the mattes.

This makeup would rock with a bold, matte, hot pink or fuchsia lipstick!

I still use a primer when I wear the eyeshadows. Actually, I use eye primers in all eye shadows I use. Without primers, my eye makeup usually creases because I have extremely oily lids. :/

By the way, the Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes is available in two:

The one I have is Cherry Blossom:

And the other is Rose Blossom:

Rose blossom has warmer shades—reds and neutrals. I think the colors are more ideal for evening looks. The red shade looks bold and sexy but probably too much for a day look... but actually, it still depends on you. ;)

So do check out these lovely palettes in the Etude House store near you. For the price of Php 848.00, it's a good deal since you'll get six beautiful shades already. 

What are your thoughts on the Etude House Fantastic Colors Eyes? Aren't they just Fantastic, Baby (yes, I inserted a BigBang pun there)? Are you more of a Cherry Blossom or a Rose Blossom? 



  1. Hi Dawn! Ahhh the pinks are so youthful! I don't know if I can wear them though but definitely they will look good with the browns. I am interested with the reds from the Rose Blossom! Thanks for sharing! xo

    1. Me too! I'd like to try the Rose Blossom palette as well. :D

  2. OOooh rose blossom looks pretty too. I've seen the first on in the store. I was a little bummed that they were actually pretty tiny hahaha.

    1. Yeah, it looks tiny but I like that it's travel friendly. I actually don't mind that it's little because it's so rare that I get to finish an eyeshadow. haha!

  3. I always thought that Rose Blossom would look nicer but based on your swatches, I think Cherry Blossom is much much much wearable!!

    1. It's super wearable indeed! It's great for everyday and you can also add the darker shades for a night look. :D

    2. It's super wearable indeed! It's great for everyday and you can also add the darker shades for a night look. :D

  4. The second look, please!!! I am usually too afraid of reddish, much more cherry, tones but this looks really soft and girly!!!

    1. Ganda, no? It's so sweet and girly that I don't think it suits me. HAHA! I think it looks better on you!

    2. Ganda, no? It's so sweet and girly that I don't think it suits me. HAHA! I think it looks better on you!

  5. Hi miss dawn! It looks really cute, sweet and so girly! Bagay for those dalaga like me. Hehe but kinda pricey talaga mga products ng Etude lalo na for students like me din na di pa naman ganun kalakihan yung budget for make up but i think worth it naman because palette na siya. :)

    1. Yes, I think it is worth it because all 6 shades are quite wearable. ;)