Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review : Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder in Natural Beige 02

Hey lovelies!

How's your weekend. Spent mine with a friend and we watched movies, had good conversations, and great food (which we always do when she comes over). She's gonna go to Singapore next week for a 5-day vacation and I asked her if she can buy me some makeup when she goes out shopping. Do you have any recommendations what she could get me? I would really appreciate any. :D

Anyway, tonight I would like to share my review on a compact mineral powder that I received during an event...

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder in Natural Beige 02
This compact costs PhP 695.00.

I got this for free last April during one of the brand's product launches.

Having enlarged pores and oily skin, I love the that it promises to cover pores and control oil. The SPF32 and PA++ is also a great plus for a powder as well as the light and silky texture. All the claims seems SUPER for me! 

The product packaging is quite different to the usual look of Heroine Make Products. It's color is black, which looks very classy but different from the usual pink and fuchsia colors of their other products' packagings. The labels are still in the same font and metallic gold in color.

The compact has a built-in mirror as well as an applicator.

The puff applicator looks really cute and fluffy. It's very soft and I like using it. But after a while, I find that using a brush provides a better finish for me. 

But seriously, this puff is super soft and I would still use it.

The shade Natural Beige has a yellowish tone that suits warm skin tones like what most Asians have (this is a Japanese brand after all).

Here's a swatch on my arm.

And before and after application shots of my cheeks.

As you can see, the product is about two shades lighter than my NC30 skin tone. I'm not sure how many shades are available but I think the 01 shade is lighter than this so I guess this will be an issue for those who have darker skin tones. 

If you like your powder with coverage, then this product has that! And it did cover my pores as promised. The redness of my pimples as well as majority of my acne scars were hidden and I didn't even have to use a concealer or liquid foundation underneath! Do take note that I didn't just dab the powder on skin to achieve this coverage. I used a kabuki brush for application and swirled it on my face. Although if you prefer to only mattify the face and not cover too much, a light swirl then tap before application can do the trick. 

(Sorry for the ugly brows)

With contour and a blush, the shade match looks pretty close to my normal skin color. The powdery matte finish will look more natural as it sets on my skin. A good setting spray can hasten this.

Oil control is pretty good since I only notice my face get shiny after 4-5 hours. It's pretty good! And I never encountered any irritations nor breakouts!

So here's the summary:

What I LIKE:
- Medium-heavy coverage
- Light and silky feeling
- Has SPF32 and PA++
- Good oil control
- Classy packaging
- Warm tone suits my skin
- Long-lasting
- No skin irritations nor breakouts
- Comes with a mirror and soft puff
- Pretty affordable
- Covers pores
- Locally available

- Limited shades available

I would recommend this to those with fair to light skin tones. For medium (like me)-dark ones, I guess we'll have to skip it until the time that they come up with more shades. This is pretty good especially how great it covers blemishes and pores. :)

And that's my review of the Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder in Natural Beige 02. Have you tried this product yet?



  1. Oh this looks great! I'm still surprised that I haven't tried any bb creams or powders from this brand despite their eyeliner and mascara being my holy grail! You should totally try some eyeshadows from the brand 1028 which is found in watsons and if you would like some polishes of bright, shimmery, bold colors, or cream finishes that you only need one coat, check out Clio too also at watsons!

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for the reco's, Sharlynn! You should check out Heroine Make's face products as well but I definitely agree that their eyeliners and mascaras are super awesome!

  2. Not bad...Thanks for the review!

  3. Great review! Well, this is something worth checking out indeed.

    1. Thanks! There are a bunch more products from this brand that I would love to check out myself. :D

  4. I'm 18 years old and thinking of wearing foundation only because I have visible pores on my nose and right side of my cheek as well as a few acne scars on the same cheek,and after a few hours of washing my face my skin turns quiete oily skin. Is this recommendable for someone my age? Or the pink one is better? The BB Loose powder?

    1. Hi Hana! I was already wearing makeup when I was your age. The trick is that you should know what skin type you are, what ingredients your skin works well with, and you should know what you are allergic to/irritates your skin. Whenever you're wearing makeup, good hygiene should always be in mind. Always make sure your skin is clean before applying your makeup and you should completely take everything off once you get home.

      For this particular product, I do think this is okay for you. It's a good choice for oily skin and if you don't have much acne that needs coverage. :) If you want a more natural finish, I would suggest going for their BB Creams.