Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Introducing: Kala Milk Soaps + Review

Hello loves!

I've finally tried the first specialty bath soap made from local carabao's milk—the Kala Milk Soap! Not yet familiar with Kala Milk Soap? Well, let me introduce it to you!

The brand by the couple TJ and Nerlie Gonzales operates the Kala Milk Soap Enterprise, with the support of the Baliuag community in Bulacan. According to the brand info I received, "Nerlie oversees production and operation with assistance of helpers from the surrounding area, while TJ secures the supply of carabao's milk from local farmers. The couple has pledged to donate P1 of each sale in building a scholarship fund for the farmers' children." Awesome, right? I always love hearing about companies helping out local agricultural communities because when I support their product, I get to look good with better skin and feel good because I was able to help our kababayans.

Besides being helpful to the local community, the soaps are quite special too! What makes them unique is that it is the first-ever specialty bath soap made from local carabao's milk! It promises that their soaps contain "the highest content of good butterfat compared to other milk products, thus giving it intense moisturising properties." And because this is an organic soap, meaning it's made from ONLY natural ingredients, it won't harm the environment unlike other commercial soaps.

Kala Milk Soaps weighs 115g per bar and they come in different varieties too! They contain essential oils such as lavender, green tea, and lemongrass, which "provide additional benefits to the mind and the body." 

Below are the different scents available + description (I currently have Milk and Honey and Oats):

High good butterfat content intensely moisturises while cleaning the skin.

Honey and Oats
Honey gently cleans and moisturizes the skin, while oats provide mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.

Calming scent soothes the nerves and eases stress. Lavender also helps increase mental activity.

Green Tea
Cleanses and protects the skin with its antibacterial properties.

Astringent properties help treat acne and other skin inflammations, while the scent stimulates and refreshes.

Cooling and deodorizing, as well as antibacterial. Its invigorating scent helps promote memory and relieve mental fatigue

Refreshing scent soothes the senses and energizes the mind and the body.

Helps minimize the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

I've been using Milk and Honey and Oats simultaneously for almost three weeks now. I use milk almost daily while Honey and Oats 2-3x a week for exfoliation. What do I think?

Milk really does the job of cleansing as well as provide moisture to my skin. I love milk products (whether food or skincare haha) and this will be added in my favorites for sure. It doesn't have a strong smell which is good if you don't like strong scents on your skincare. But personally, if it's milk, I like the strong, sweet kind! ;)

Honey and Oats, on the other hand, does a bit of exfoliation but will not dry the skin out! The tiny bits of oats help with removing the dead skin cells but they aren't too rough if that's what you're wondering. I think the texture is just enough so that it won't be too harsh on skin, especially if yours is quite sensitive.

The two soaps I have are really good and I would definitely want to try more, such as the Lemongrass to treat my bacne problems as well as green tea because I LOVE green tea in general. :D

If you're interested to try out Kala Milk Soaps, you can purchase them for PhP 150.00 each online thru beautymnl or visit them at Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) in Nueva Ecija (that's my province! Yay!). Hopefully, they expand their distribution sooner so that more Pinoys can try their awesome soaps!

For more info about the brand and their products, visit:


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