Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Firsts

I made a list of the first makeup I've ever used (well, those that I still remember). It's actually fun doing this post but it involved a lot of thinking and remembering... it somehow tested how good my memory is. haha! Some of my firsts were from way back in high school but most were bought when I was an incoming freshman in college during our summer vacation in the  US. Of course makeup is a lot cheaper there so I splurged my shopping money on makeup besides clothes. :P

 Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara

This is probably the best "first" makeup if I have to rank them in order. Lash Discovery Mascara of Maybelline is very easy to use. It doesn't clump, it's long lasting, doesn't smudge and not too heavy on the eye lashes. I was quite disappointed when they discontinued this. Good thing they produced other great mascaras. :)

Cargo Blush in Gotham

I like this blush. It's not those usual pink tones that you commonly see in every brand. It has a bit of dark peach and has a sheer blue shimmer when light touches your cheeks. I remember buying mine for $22.00. Great deal considering how big it was. :)


Ever Bilena Dip Liner in Black
I was somehow satisfied with this liner's performance. It doesn't crease on my oily lids, long lasting, very intense and fast drying. My only problem was the hard brush. I find it hard to control. But it's very affordable! I remember I bought one again before trying other brands.

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder

 I've always planned on buying a bronzer so that my face would look thinner. So I bought this one, NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder, to try it out. It's a drugstore brand so it was less expensive than the others. I did like its performance. It didn't have the copper-ish tone that I try to stay away from that most bronzers have.

Bloom Lipgloss in ???
I can't really remember the specific shade. Among the glosses I browsed, this one called "Kissable" is the closest shade to the one I used to have. I really like Bloom's Lip glosses. I dunno why I never bought another one from them after. Maybe I will sometime soon. :P


 Shiseido Eyelash Curler

My first one was actually bought in a tiangge which actually cost me around Php30. It was really a horrible experience. When I used it, I saw my lashes fall. I almost cried that time. Haha. After that I swore to buy the best curler so that this won't happen again. So I got this one. Shiseido Lash curler has amazing reviews and I personally like it as well. Although, I exchanged mine with my sister's Shu Eumura Eyelash Curler because it can't get all of her lashes while the Shiseido one can. The Shu Eumura works perfectly on me anyway. In fact, I still use it until now!

Sephora Liquid Foundation in ???

I can't remember which shade I got. I didn't use this much anyway. It was too sheer and I needed one with heavy coverage because I have a lot of dark spots from acne that I need to cover up. 

Well, these are all that I could remember for now. Made me realize how simple my makeup routine was before my collection grew. So, what are your firsts? Care to share them with me?  :)

Btw, my sister, Tracy, is back from her trip in Germany! Yayy! I missed her so much!



  1. Wow, this is an interesting entry.

    Thanks for the idea. You can tag people with this too, I'm curious what other bloggers' firsts are.

  2. I think that was my first mascara too. But that was 10 years ago. You have good taste in makeup even back then. :)

  3. Rae- That's a good idea too. I'm curious as well with what they'd put in their entries.

    Pammy: Thanks, Pammy! It's all because of my Ate! She guides me with most of my purchases then since she's been buying makeup for a couple of years before I did. :P

  4. First eyeliner pencil would be Bloom's Automatic Eyeliner in Black. I was still in my "Avril Lavigne" stage back then :))

  5. i do love your cargo blush on... wish i can get my hands on one to claim as my own. :) i felt pretty that day i put it on. :)