Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nature Republic Collagen Pop Glosses in Sugar Candy and Sugar Red

Hey guys!

Like sweet scented lippies?
Well I have some right here and they smell AND taste sweet, plus they have sparkles! It's every kikay kid's dream! I can hear my 8 year old self screaming, "I want one!!"

Nature Republic Collagen Pop Glosses

The price is Php 285.00 each.
Not sure if this is still available. I can't seem to find this in Nature Republic websites. When I bought one of these, it was already on sale so I dunno if they were just finishing the last stocks. I guess it's best if you ask the SA's in stores. :P

I got 2 shades—Sugar Candy and Sugar Red.

Some info I saw from one online store site:

Capacity : 6g

-Marine Collagen from Deep-Sea Fish and red Seaweed
-marine collagen filling spheres help to increase lip fullness, immediately and over time.

Collagen POP Gloss is a moisturizing treatment gloss that sugar lips instantly. It includes tiny, dehydrated, marine collagen microspheres. Immediately absorbed by the lips, creating a mild swelling effect in the lip tissue. The result is fuller, smoother, perfectly lovely lips in seconds. 

How to use :
Take a small amount and apply from the center of your lips with the tip, gently spread it evenly.

Available in 5 shades: 
Color : 02 Sugar Candy ,03 Sugar Cherry ,04 Sugar Berry ,05 Sugar Red

Here's a closeup of the applicator.
It looks kinda thin but it holds a decent amount of product.

Swatches on my arm

Sugar Candy has a light peachy pink shade while the other, Sugar Red, is... well, red! Both give great color payoff but are still translucent for a milder, sweeter look. The glitters are fine and you don't feel any grittiness when you press your lips together.

Below are pictures the glosses on my lips:

Sugar Candy

Sugar Red

I especially love Sugar Candy because it looks sooooo cute! I love the scent and these glosses are just yummy! Haha! That makes it difficult to test the lasting power because I can't stop licking them off. Hahaha! But I guess it lasts the same as most glosses—probably a couple of hours or as soon as you eat/drink. Dunno about the plumping effect... I don't notice it on me. :P

So what do you think of super sweet smelling and tasting glosses?
Any thoughts on Nature Republic Collagen Pop Glosses?



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