Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Refreshed and Beautiful with Sappe Beauti Drink

Hello everyone!

In this post, I say that beauty starts from the inside... literally! 

Let me introduce to you...
Sappe Beauti Drinks

A Beauty You Can Drink. Beauti Drink is a Functional Drink for those who are always on the go and love a healthy lifestyle. A great option for any time of day.

These were sent to me to try out and review a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time to try this out. I haven't heard about Beauty drinks before and after googling about it, I learned that these are actually the first ever beauty drinks! Haha! These are from the makers of the tasty drink with Nata de Coco, Mogu Mogu.

So looking at the bottles, they have awesome packaging! Unique shape and the design is very feminine—perfect for us who loves to look pretty. Each bottle weighs 360ml enough to quench one's thirst. Every flavor has a specific "beauty ingredient" that many of you may be familiar with.

First flavor, Citrus Flavoured Drink with Fibre 8000 mg & L-Carnitine 86 mg!

I believe the particular fruit in this is lime. The taste is very subtle, almost like water actually. I have a friend who likes this the most.

So what are the benefits of this particular Beauti Drink? Read below:

So as you can see, the subtleness in taste in this drink is because they didn't add sugar. This is best for those kikay sisters out there who are on a diet (like me!). This has the least amount of calories among the available flavors. :)

Next flavor is Apple Flavoured Drink with Collagen 1000 mg!

I super like the apple flavor. And in terms of aesthetics, this is my favorite because it's the most girly one of all! 

And for the list of benefits it gives, read below:

Collagen is almost always present in moisturizers and in other skin care that are anti-aging. Why not try and retain your youth from the inside by drinking this too? 

Lastly, the Apple flavoured drink with L-Glutathione 100 mg!

Glutathione helps in lightening your skin and even-out areas that are darker. I know a lot of Filipinas aspire for fairer skin so I bet this flavor will be an instant favorite!

As for the effects, I've only taken a few so I can't be sure how effective it is. But what I'm very, very sure is that they are delicious, refreshing and pretty! I'm definitely buying more of those L-Carnitine and Collagen. They taste great and hopefully make me more beautiful and healthier! :D

Each bottle is around Php 40.00 each and is available in selected 7 eleven stores and leading supermarkets.



  1. First time hearing about this brand.. I love their mogu mogu. :)

  2. Waaa I've been seeing a lot of these on blogs. I'll try all the variants pag nag grocery ako :D

  3. Although I've never tried one for myself before, I love the idea of beauty drinks! :D
    Hopefully I'' have my hands on one of them soon! :3

  4. It's a different take on drinks. I dunno how effective they are but it's something creative and new! I guess it's worth a try!