Saturday, November 09, 2013

Review : Snoe Magic Apple Whitening S-rub

Hello loves!

Looking for a scrub that smells absolutely heavenly??

Then I recommend this one from Snoe...
Snoe Magic Apple Whitening S-rub

I bought it for P179.00 some months ago (I still had a scrub back then that's why I opened mine just recently).

Here's what at the bottom of the tub:

Since I scratched off some parts, here's the description from ShoPinas:

Massage on dry skin, Apply particular attention to dry and flaky areas elbows, heels and knees. Then leave on for 5 minutes and rub till product is sloughed off from the skin. Product will go from white to gray and even brown, depending on how much dead skin is removed. Skin becomes silky and lighter instantly! The best part is that there is not need to rinse. Use on face and dark areas of your body.

The product is housed in a tub which holds 100g. The design looks really good. I just love how Snoe product designs are at par with international brands.

When I first opened the product, I immediately smell that sweet apple scent. Like I said before, it's heavenly! I'm obsessed with the smell!

Here's a closeup photo of the product on the back of my hand:

The beads are quite visible... I actually prefer smaller, finer ones but in this case, I don't mind since they do the job nicely. When you massage it longer, it will leave your skin a white cast finish while the dead skin is separated from it. I'm not liking the "instant white" cast it gives since it makes my skin look uneven so I would rather wash it off (I'm not using it to whiten my skin... I just wanted to try a new scrub and I do like a lot of Snoe products). My skin feels so soft after using this product but I do believe that I've used scrubs that leave my skin silkier. But this is waaaay more affordable so that's saying something!

I can't comment if this really whitens your skin in the long run since I am not really following directions because I wash it off. Haha!

So have you tried Snoe Magic Apple Whitening S-rub yet?
What do you think of it?



  1. I wash this off too!! Not following instructions tayo :D

  2. It looks interesting, but where can I find it in Thailand? lol

  3. Minnie - I'm not sure if they are already available in stores in Thailand but I believe they ship internationally. :)