Thursday, November 21, 2013

Balayage Styled Blonde: Something Different from L'Oreal Professional INOA and Hairworks

Good evening ladies,

Since Dawn has colored her hair, I cannot allow myself to fall behind. So, even though I was from 24 hour duty from the hospital I opted to head straight to Hairworks Salon Makati.

Here I am, flying solo, taking the last pic of my hair bathed in the light of the sun.

It's my first time to head to Hairworks salon and I have to say, I kind of feel out of place in such a posh place.

It was the middle of the day when I came and the salon wasn't as busy, but by the time I was done there, about 6 customers had already gone. 

So here I am comfortably awaiting my turn. With my book to accompany me... nerds need beautifying too. :)

This is the first hair color that I had little choice over the actual color that goes to my hair. Borge, my stylist, simply asked me one question, "So what do would you like to do today?". To which I replied, "I want to go blonde however, I might get sanctioned at the hospital... Golden brown then?"

He then proceeded to tell me that I can go blonde without compromising myself in the hospital. He said we can do Balayage coloring on your hair. And from there... I left everything up to him.

So the whole process first involved coloring the top part of my hair blonde - shockingly yellow. SEE... at some point I felt like GD. Hehe. :)

Then recoloring it with a more natural toned blonde that would lighten my dark hair and tone down the blonde highlights on top leaving a gradient effect. They use L'Oreal INOA for the full hair coloring. Here are the hair color swatches available for L'Oreal INOA.

So a little something about INOA. Unlike conventional hair colors, INOA has no ammonia, therefore does not have that characteristic hair color odor. It's oil based and it promises optimal scalp comfort and optimal respect for the hair. It's also a little tricky applying it, the colorist said when applying the INOA, you'd need to apply a little more pressure and to massage the product well into the hair so that the hair can absorb it better. You leave it on for 35 minutes and then shampoo and rinse twice. 

However, I have to disagree a little with the optimal scalp comfort, I guess it's because my skin's a little more sensitive than most; there was still some sting felt over the scalp which did go away after the wash off. 
And here's the finished product. Balayage Blonde hair... the effect is somewhat a reverse hombre, gradient hair color, bright on top then a little dark on the bottom. The dark parts help contour the face making the bottom slimmer and helps emphasize the cheek bones.

There you go. Happy to have had my dream of going blonde happen.

Many thanks to my stylist Borge for the new hair do and to the staff of Hairworks Salon. They were very welcoming. And also MANY thanks to L'Oreal Professional and Wear Your Color Proud for the hair color.

I haven't had the chance to take a pic of my hair under the sun... that will be my to follow post.

Anyway, I hope you also like this new hairdo of mine as much as I do. And I hope you try it too and try L'Oreal Professional INOA as well.



  1. So pretty ng color. Sa first color you'd be like... WTF?! but then the final output is so sexy! :D


  2. Thank you Gellie and HibernationPanda! A very successful risk taken. :)

  3. How much did this cost? Your hair lools lovely btw! x