Wednesday, November 06, 2013

4U2 Envy Matt Moisturizing Lipstick in 03

Hello dears!

I just got home from my first class in grad school. Yep! I'm in school again! I'm taking up my Masters in Fine Arts now. But I still have work in the day and attend classes at 6pm to 9pm twice a week.

And since I'm already pretty tired, I'll just make this post quick. :P

4U2 Envy Matte Moisturizing Lipstick in 03
This lippie is around Php 400.00 if I remember correctly...

Here's a product description from a Zalora website:

4U2 offers its new lipstick line that provides your lips the best moisturizing properties while giving you a matt finish. Look great day or night with 4U2 ENVY Moisturizing Lipstick #01. With an elegant range of colors, you can go from a casual daytime look to becoming a stunning diva in just a few minutes. Compact and handy, you can carry several colors in your purse and be ready for any event or occasion. It features a Mega Moisturizing Matt Lipstick with Vitamin E core cool new colors, smooth new matt formulation and It's Moisturizing Central! How to Apply: Apply Envy Moisturizing Lipstick gently to lips using soft strokes.

Not sure about how many shades this lipstick is available in but I picked this color because I was looking for that perfect nude pink lippie for me. 
And this lipstick is matte which is a big plus for me since I'm loving mattes right now. And it says it's moisturizing and that's not the usual case when it comes to matte lippies so this got me curious.

The packaging is really good. It looks sophisticated. It looks more expensive than the amount you paid for it. ;)

Swatch on my arm

On my lips

The pigmentation is awesome. The color really pops out. 
I wasn't able to take a closeup picture of the lipstick bullet but at the center, you will see that it's in a different color. It's because the center is like the lipbalm that contains  the moisturizing quality while the outside part is the matte lipstick. Neat, right? And oh, it's quite long lasting too!

Is it really moisturizing though? I say it's not completely drying but it's not moisturizing. It's not a lipbalm so don't expect that it will help with flaky or chapped lips. I still suggest that you apply your lip moisturizer prior to the application of this lipstick.

I would have liked it a lot but this isn't the nude pink that I was looking for. I want a little lighter tone for me. But I would say that this is a good lipstick and the shade would pretty much suit many skin tones.



  1. I love the shade! Thankfully this is local and I can easily pick it up. Not sure about the price though, hmm.

  2. wow.. do they have matte lippies too?

  3. The shade reminds me of Ravin' Raisin from WnW :D I've swatched that in 4u2 moa, the coral shade, I like it! :)

  4. Absolutely lovely, I love and NEED moisturizing lip products! I love shades like this, it's definitely not a nude but its lovely nonetheless!

  5. Ari - I'm quite neutral about the price but I find other lippies more affordable that has this shade too.

    rhaidropz - I think this is one of their matte lipsticks.

    Genzel - Cool! Only tried one lippie from WnW and I like it too.

    Sharlynn - True! It's rare to find really pigmented products that are moisturizing so I just buy one if I find something like it.