Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Body Shop Love Your Body Members Only Party

Hello guys!

Last Saturday was a busy, busy day for me since I attended two events, did a little kikay shopping and some food tripping with my brother.

For tonight I'll share with you what happened during one of the events I attended...

 The Body Shop Love Your Body Members Only Party

They prepared an LYB Party in 6 different branches in different dates. The Love Your Body Members can enjoy huge discounts and freebies when they attend the party.

I went with my beauty blogger friend, Helen.

If you're a member, you can bring a +1 that can get a free membership + a chocomania freebie. 
I didn't have a +1 with me so I just got Helen's sister as my +1 since Helen brought her officemate with her to avail the free membership offer.

The beautiful Blas Sisters!

The shop looks pretty festive with all the Christmas decors and the Christmas offers displayed.

The new products and the holiday products are here too!

And there are products in HUGE discounts too! I bought some actually. You'll see them later in this post.

 Christmas-themed snacks were served. :D

And of course, the ready-made gift sets are also available in stores now.

Look at Helen browsing the gift sets. There are affordable ones that are as low as Php 195.00.

There's also an awesome offer that when you buy 2 gift sets or limited edition products, you get one for free!

Another nice offer is a discount on one of the beloved products from the brand, The Lip and Cheek Stain.

There are discounts on their fragrance, skin care, makeup and beauty tools too.

 Liz's favorite scent, the Cranberry Joy, is back!

 And their Winter Trend makeup has a gold and plum motif this year.

And look what I found! 

 A gorgeous Colour Crush lipstick included in the Winter Trend collection! The name is sooo pretty—Peachy Pink! I'm eyeing that one right now. :D

 And before I left, I got these!

2 BIG Moringa Show Gels for only Php 895.00 for both.
A Rainforest Hair Butter for only Php 197.50.
And a free calendar and lipstick holder just because I am an LYB member.

More offers that you can avail from The Body Shop below:

There are still 3 parties happening soon! Feel free to attend and enjoy the discounts and freebies!

And before I end this post, I'll just share my haul from Landmark.

 Nail glitters for only Php 29.75 each.

L.A. Colors Cream Eyeshadow Sticks - Php 119.00 each
Snoe Hair Heroes PM Repair Argan Oil - Php 299.00 

Syoss Bouncy Curl - Php 225.00
 Artist Studio Foundation Makeup Brush - Php 79.75

Makeup brush Holder - Php 309.75
I wanted to buy another one for my art materials but there was only one left! I'm still thankful that I was able to get one. Been meaning to get one but I keep forgetting... Haha!

That's all, guys!
Will blog about the other event I went to tomorrow! :D



  1. I enjoyed spending time with you! ♥ Para sayo talaga yung Peachy Pink na shade! Kelan kaya magkakaroon ng citrine na shade? Kaso yellow or orange yun for sure. Yucky. :( Hahaha! Ang dami mo nabili, ano yung Syoss Bouncy Curl? Cream or mousse? :)

  2. Helen - foamy sya. Lighter than a mousse. Hehe. Citrine shade will be orangeeeee! Haha! Baka eyeshadow na sya. :P