Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EOTD: Inspired By My Own Painting

This painting is one of my plates in our Composition subject. Definitely had fun doing the face. Been a while since I painted. 

I have this tendency to put makeup on the faces of female subjects of my artworks and this one is no exception. My classmates, especially Anna, find this one really pretty. 

Anyway, the next day I was thinking of which look I will do next and saw the painting. So I just copied the look! :P

Here's what I put on my eyes:

Smokey copper with black eyeliner.

Comparing the pictures, I guess it doesn't look much alike. Probably because of the difference between my eyes and the subject's, or my skin is kind of yellowish compared to the painting's beige skin or maybe my eyeshadows aren't coppery enough. :P

 Does copper toned eyeshadow suit my eyes? Any comments on the EOTD or the painting? Do share! :)


Monday, August 29, 2011

"Long Weekend" Haul

 Hooray for the long weekend! At last! I finally had time to go shopping again. Been so busy with school and my thesis that it's been almost half a month since I last went to a mall.

 So I went to SM Mall of Asia to buy a gift for my friend, Rica, and to buy a few makeup I've been thinking of getting. :P

Turns out, I bought more than I had planned. Impulse buying!! haha. :P

 E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit - Php249.75

 In2it Waterproof Gel Liner in Black - Php379.75

 E.L.F. Studio Lip Stain in Fashionista - Php249.75

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey - Php145.00

 E.L.F. Nail Polish in Pearl Pink - Php129.75

 E.L.F. Nail Polish in Fire Coral - Php129.75
 E.L.F.Natural Lash Kit

 Celeteque Oil Control Toner

 Shoes from Celine (got these on sale Php 499). I wasn't planning on buying any foot wear but I had a shoe malfunction.

And this one is a gift from my best friend, Liz. Squall has been my favorite fictional character since I was 11 years old. Haha! An early birthday gift for me! :P

 Had lunch at Pepper Lunch and desserts at Chocolat. Yum Yum!

So... that's it! Can't wait to try all of my new products out! Any of these stuff that you want me to review? Any comments or suggestions if you've already tried any of these? Do tell!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bel's Weird Yet Much Appreciated Talent

 A few days ago, some of my classmates went over to our house to shoot a video for one of our subjects. While waiting for the rest of my groupmates to arrive, my friend, Bel, went to my room and saw how messy my dressing table was. I admit I'm not the neatest person you'll ever meet. Sometimes when I go out, I just leave my room all messed up. 

Anyway, Bel was so eager to (more like itching to) organize it. I always thought of Bel as this super organized person. That's probably why she's our previous class secretary and she handled the finances during our Cirq Regal Fashion Show days.

So I let her do her thing on my dressing table. I left her there while I talked to my other groupmates about our project. And when I got back just a few minutes later, I saw these!

 My dressing table, all clean!  (Here are the before and after pics)

Even the drawers were arranged by brand or by size!
First drawer of my yellow container were all of my eyeshadow palettes, Second one contained blushes, Third were the lipsticks, fourth were lipglosses and smudge pots and last drawer contained my eye liners and mascaras.

 She even re-arranged my earring collection in rows then by height!

(Btw, that's Bel in the reflection of the mirror. :P)

Not only that, she even arranged my toolbox full of nail polishes!



They are now by brand and are even arranged by colors!\
Now I'm hesitant to even take out any of those products out of their containers because I'm scared I might ruin the arrangement! Haha. Although I've kind of messed up some of the areas in my dressing table again. I think I need her to go back in our house some time soon. :P


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Miss My Permed Hair!

That's what my hair looked like when I first got my hair permed at Affascinante Salon more than a year ago. 

I really miss my curly hair. I have thin hair so having curls gives it volume thus makes it look thicker. I think I really look better with it. It frames my face well, plus, it makes my face look thinner!

Another reason why I love my hair permed is that I still look decent after a long day. I don't need to brush my hair every now and then, especially in a windy day! I actually find my permed hair easier to manage! Haha! :P

 Here's what my permed hair looks like after a year. I already cut around 4-5 inches off it so it has less curls. It still looks good. My hair didn't went back to its normal, straight feature.

 And now that my hair got longer, I decided to trim my curls off. I don't like my hair too long and I guess I wanted a change back then.

Back to the slightly wavy, straight hair. :P
(Yes, I take pictures during class hours. Haha!)

 But, as you can see, the curls weren't properly trimmed off by the hair stylist. There's still around an inch or two remaining. :P

Anyway, I began to miss my permed hair. Good thing I still have my handy Curling Iron from Revlon which I bought almost 6 years ago when we were having our summer vacation in California. I only bought it for less than $10.00. 

 So I curl my hair every now and then. Good thing my classes in some days start during the afternoon. I have enough time to do this. Haha. :P

Here are the pictures of my hair curled with my Revlon Curling Iron:

(Sorry for the over exposed shots. I didn't know how to remove the flash from the Mac book photobooth application back when I was taking the shots. :P)

Even my friends and classmates prefer my hair like this. So I plan to get my hair curled-up again probably by late September or October. Not sure yet if I should try Digi-perm or the manual one which is what I tried before.

 What do you like better on me, straight or permed?


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Riza's Makeover

Hi Girls!

A few days ago, my bestfriend, Liz, went to our house with her classmate Riza to get prettified after a long series of exams in med school.

Liz got her hair colored using those DIY Hortaleza Hair Colouring Cream I bought from the Great 88 Sale of HBC. Will post the outcome soon!

Then I got to do Riza's makeup! It was my first time to actually hang out with her. I first met her waaay back when we ate at Wai Ying some months ago. It's also my first time to put makeup on her. Hopefully I did justice on her pretty face! :P

Here's a before and after pic of her:

Makeup used:

The Face Shop Makeup Base in purple
Palladio Herbal Foundation in Creamy Natural
San San Concealer in Olive
San San Foundation in 01
NYC Brush-on Brow Kit
Dollface Cosmetics 88 pcs Eyeshadow Palette
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Volumizing Cat Eyes Mascara
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Skin79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Cheek
Maybelline Lip Polish in Purple Passion

It's a very simple look I guess. I preferred her eyeliner with little or no wing at all. But it's just my first time, plus, she'd like to see how I put it on her eyes. :P

Liz said it looks really nice and more importantly, Riza loved it!

Next week I will be doing the makeup of some of my friends for our Graduation photo. Hopefully I do well. Will also post about it soon! Ciao!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NOTD: The Face Shop Nail Color in BR805

I wanted to try something in the neutral shade for my nails... So I did! I used this nude color from The Face shop on my nails. Although the flamboyant side of me won't settle for a plain, nude look. I just had to add some more designs. Haha! :)

My nails with my The Face Shop Nail Color
 The Face Shop Nail Color in BR805

Close up of the designs on my nails. I got my inspiration when I saw a post in Babbling Brooke. :)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My "Great at 88!" Experience ♥

Hi Ladies!
Today, I was given this generous opportunity by HBC to get so many of their products -- from skin care, hair care to cosmetics! We've been using a lot of their products lately and we are really loving them. So I was really excited for this day. 

I was invited to go to their branch at SM San Lazaro wherein I can get some of the products included in their "Great at 88" Sale. Every product is worth only Php88.00! That's right! Very affordable! I was able to take home so much!!

I took some pictures of my experience:

 HBC SM San Lazaro Branch :)

 I went with my best friend, Liz. See how happy she is? She's carrying some of the bags that contained the products I got! 

 Here are the products included in the Great at 88! Sale. You'll indeed shine through the rain with these different products like hair dyes, hair care, skin care and whitening (Body Recipe), and makeup (San San and Allue).

Me with Heidi. She assisted me during the whole time I was browsing around. She's very accommodating which made it easier for me to decide which products to take. :)

And here are the stuff I got!!! Yaaay!  :D
 I immediately opened some of the products and I sure am happy with them! Can't wait to try everything else! Some of these we've used before so I'm just repurchasing (like the Hortaleza Professional Hair Colouring Cream) while the others are things that I've not used before. Can't wait to test them out, especially the Skin Lightening Powder!

 I got 3 of their San San Age Defense 2-way Cake Powder Foundation in 01 and 02 (which I think is such a great deal since it's almost slashed to half it's original price), 2 San San Pressed Powders in 01, a San San Concealer in Olive and San San Lipstick in Pink Pout (which I think will be one of my most used lipsticks for now, I just love the shade).

 I got an amazing batch of their Body Recipe products. Heidi said to try out the Body Whitening Powder so I took all the scents available! My sister really loves their Body Scrub too and the Milk lotion smells fantastic!

And of course I got their Hair Colouring Cream. We've been using them since we first tried it out! :) If you plan on buying these as well, don't forget to purchase their oxidizing Lotion! :) Also got their Shampoo and Conditioner in Apple.

I was really blown away on how much I got to take home! Actually, I still am! All of these only cost around Php2,000.00. It's an amazing deal so why not go visit the HBC store nearest you and experience for yourself this really GREAT sale! The "Great at 88!" Sale will last 'til August 21, 2011. :)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

FOtD: Blue Green ♥ Peach

 I'm about to go to school and I have enough time to put some color on my eyes (I usually just use a smudge pot and then apply eyeliner). I went with a color that I don't use often -- Blue Green! And for my lips, I used peach because I missed using my peach lippies since I've been obsessed with fuchsia. :P

San San Soleil Matte Foundation
Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover Foundation in OC10

Maybelline BrowDefinist in Brown
Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Volumizing Cat Eyes Mascara
Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Mermaid
MAC Paint Pot in Delft
Majolica Majorca Aurora Tear Liner in Blue

Nars Blush in Orgasm
Nars Laguna Bronzer

Sophie Lipstick in Mango Peach
Smashbox Lipgloss in Candid

I tried my best to not make it stand out much since I'm just in school. If I were at home, I would have added scales and stuff since a friend commented that it reminded her of a mermaid. Now I wanna do a mermaid-inspired creative makeup. Haha! :P


Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Experiments in the Classroom

Brought a few makeup with me and experimented on my classmates' faces.  I used colorful yet still tamed shades (at least for me) on them. We were in our classroom while we were doing this. Good thing our professor didn't mind since we were still waiting for some friends who bought our canvases. :P

Here's Anna. You must have seen her before in my previous posts. I love putting makeup on her because she has super gorgeous skin! I'm so inggit! :P

And here's Abby (pictures are quite over exposed :P). This was the 2nd time I was able to put makeup on her. She was very willing to be one of my victims! :D

And on a non-related note, here are some of my recent and not so recent works. Lately, I've been using Leighton Meester's face as my references. She's just soooo pretty! :)

My most recent work. In Oil Pastel.

Did this one during the summer. In charcoal pencil.