Friday, August 12, 2011

Little Experiments in the Classroom

Brought a few makeup with me and experimented on my classmates' faces.  I used colorful yet still tamed shades (at least for me) on them. We were in our classroom while we were doing this. Good thing our professor didn't mind since we were still waiting for some friends who bought our canvases. :P

Here's Anna. You must have seen her before in my previous posts. I love putting makeup on her because she has super gorgeous skin! I'm so inggit! :P

And here's Abby (pictures are quite over exposed :P). This was the 2nd time I was able to put makeup on her. She was very willing to be one of my victims! :D

And on a non-related note, here are some of my recent and not so recent works. Lately, I've been using Leighton Meester's face as my references. She's just soooo pretty! :)

My most recent work. In Oil Pastel.

Did this one during the summer. In charcoal pencil.