Monday, August 01, 2011

New Vanity Accessories

 I was in Robinsons Ermita last week and bought these cute accessories from Vanity Accessories. It's my first time buying their products since I rarely go to Robinsons. I really like their designs. Very feminine and princessy! Yay! :P

 Here they are!

Bracelet with peach stones. I love peach!

 I collect cocktail rings. Maybe I'll make a post regarding my collection some time. I don't have much yet. But I'm determined to get more! Haha! :P

 Almost all my earrings are dangling ones so I decided to buy this just for a change. I also collect earrings. I might have around 30 pairs by now. :P

And a necklace. I love this one the most. It looks like flower petals. Sort of reminds me of Sakura or cherry blossoms. Pretty. ♥

And btw...
We just reached 200 followers!!! 

Thanks a lot even though we weren't as active as before. We really appreciate it. :)



  1. ang cute nga!
    i haven't heard of this shop yet

    worth visiting ha!

  2. Love the earrings and the rings! :) Nice picks.

  3. I hope these are available at the Robinsons Mall near our place. I love the rings and that super gorgeous necklace!!! How much did you buy them?

    BTW I wanna invite you to my first giveaway!

    Hope you can join! Thanks!

  4. Nice accessories! Love the cocktail ring! Peach is on of my fave colors. :D

  5. 'Grats! And I'm your 201st~ Love your posts!

  6. Thanks, girls! :)

    MorbidFrank: The items range from Php130-200. :)