Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: DIY Haircolor - Hortaleza Professional

Hello Readers!

Apologies for my very long absence - I am on the last leg of writing my thesis (to get a Masters degree on something totally unrelated to kaartehan, maybe except for Aesthetics) so I hope you still remember me, the other half of the Peachy Pink Sisters. =)

Now for a treat - a photo review of D-I-Y Hortaleza Professional Hair Color

FYI: This is not a sponsored post - all items were bought using my own money, and everything - yes, the 2 tubes each of color and oxidizing lotion, the barettes, the ear protector, and the comb - is worth around 600 pesos only! I purchased all my stuff at HBC, SM San Lazaro.

So my problem is really that the blackness of my hair color is like, a perfect 10: the abyss of darkness! Lightening it has always been a problem for me, and Revlon Colorsilk's Light Ash Brown had no effect on mine at all.

Affascinante Salon, through Ms. Weng, was able to give me a nice ashy color after my rebonding session with her last December, but a month after that shade eventually faded to an unflattering copper, coupled with an inch of regrowth. 

So I decided to take charge and color it myself, especially since my hair's pretty healthy!

Donna told me to go blonde if I want to achieve the medium brown I want, and that Hortaleza Professional, available at HBC, is pretty good. The original color I wanted to get's 8.1 Light Ash Blonde, but that was out of stock. So, with a gulp, I settled for the lightest shade available: 8.55 Red Beech Blonde.

And because my hair's pretty thick - even if it's just of medium length - I got two tubes of both the color and the 12% oxidizing lotion. 

Mixed them all up and applied as I listened to the instructions of Youtube gurus:

1. I applied first for 20 minutes on the utterly black regrowth
2. Next, I spread out for 20-30 minutes on previously colored hair (instead of 10 minutes, since I've changed the shade)
3. I rinsed and conditioned like crazy!

The effect? Well, judge for yourself! Always a different hue depending on the lighting. I'm impressed. 
I colored my hair a month ago, and all the shots below have been taken in the past three weeks.

At Music21, under bright flattering halo-light!
Reader's Cafe, UST. Bright glass walls let the sunshine in!
Green and sunny outside shot! Mahogany-ish hair!
Onstage? Red!
So my hair is more dry than usual now, but it is worth it since I like the way I look with colored tresses (and more boys are making pa-cute hahaha). It grows fast  - and for women who get their hair rebonded regularly, that means I have a poufy head already - and I have a slice of black regrowth too. I'm planning to apply olive oil 30 minutes before I bathe everyday just to keep things manageable.

Other than the expected extra care, I am happy! Even after a month, the color's bright and true - I will continue repurchasing from this brand!



  1. ey i like the shade of sorta like auburn brown on you.

  2. Hey! Great post! I really like how you explained all the different colors. The outdoor photos look really pretty. Very natural. Good job!

  3. I love the color. It's not too light. Just right. I too have very black hair and can't seem to decide on which color to dye my hair with.

  4. Thanks! Hope you get the shade you're looking for! :D

  5. i've been wanting to color my hair but i'm afraid the shade will not complement my skin color..