Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Miss My Permed Hair!

That's what my hair looked like when I first got my hair permed at Affascinante Salon more than a year ago. 

I really miss my curly hair. I have thin hair so having curls gives it volume thus makes it look thicker. I think I really look better with it. It frames my face well, plus, it makes my face look thinner!

Another reason why I love my hair permed is that I still look decent after a long day. I don't need to brush my hair every now and then, especially in a windy day! I actually find my permed hair easier to manage! Haha! :P

 Here's what my permed hair looks like after a year. I already cut around 4-5 inches off it so it has less curls. It still looks good. My hair didn't went back to its normal, straight feature.

 And now that my hair got longer, I decided to trim my curls off. I don't like my hair too long and I guess I wanted a change back then.

Back to the slightly wavy, straight hair. :P
(Yes, I take pictures during class hours. Haha!)

 But, as you can see, the curls weren't properly trimmed off by the hair stylist. There's still around an inch or two remaining. :P

Anyway, I began to miss my permed hair. Good thing I still have my handy Curling Iron from Revlon which I bought almost 6 years ago when we were having our summer vacation in California. I only bought it for less than $10.00. 

 So I curl my hair every now and then. Good thing my classes in some days start during the afternoon. I have enough time to do this. Haha. :P

Here are the pictures of my hair curled with my Revlon Curling Iron:

(Sorry for the over exposed shots. I didn't know how to remove the flash from the Mac book photobooth application back when I was taking the shots. :P)

Even my friends and classmates prefer my hair like this. So I plan to get my hair curled-up again probably by late September or October. Not sure yet if I should try Digi-perm or the manual one which is what I tried before.

 What do you like better on me, straight or permed?



  1. You look great with permed hair! :)

  2. Permed!!! (biased kasi curly talaga ako. lol) But really, you look great with permed hair. But I prefer you get digital Perm instead of the manual cause it will make the curls look more natural. I saw my friend who had that and I was so jealous of her beautiful curls... I wish my real curls are like that. :) so GO with the Digital Perm!!! ^__^

  3. Permed hair looks good on you. It makes you look younger. :)

  4. Thanks girls! Will surely get my hair permed by late september or early october! I'm leaning on getting digiperm na! :)