Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anna and Renz Color Their Hair Reddish Brown (DIY)

Last week, the first day of our second semester of our final year as college students (hopefully) started. And since it was the first day, it's almost always certain that classes won't take long either because the prof wouldn't be present or because the prof will only introduce himself and the course and the instructions for next week (we rarely start classes the first day).

Anyway, since we had so much time, I invited my friends over to my house since I live close by. I wanted to do makeovers on them. 

BUT I remembered something I got from the Great 88! Sale of Hbc that I haven't used -- Some tubes of Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream!

I don't think I would be able to use it soon since I just colored my hair recently and then got it permed. It's a risk to use chemicals on it again cuz it may lead to hair damage. No one wants that! :P
So I asked my friends, Anna and Renz, if they wanted to try coloring their hair.
They quickly agreed to my offer. No hesitations, no questions asked. =>

Here's Renz and Anna before I colored their hair

Anna never used any chemicals on her hair. We called her hair, "virgin." Haha! She never had it colored, rebonded or even relaxed!

Renz has rebonded her hair for a couple of times. Her hair strands are thicker than Anna's too.

Here are the materials we used:

2 tubes of Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream in Reddish Brown
2 Bottles of Oxidizing Lotion 9%
A container for mixing
A tool for applying the Cream
Big Hair clips/clamps
Dark/old shirts they can use to avoid staining their uniforms :P

 We already made a more detailed review in an older post with instructions too!. :)

I didn't bleach their hair because they didn't want the change in their color too drastic.

Anna went first and then Renz. We waited for 30-40 minutes for each.

After rinsing, conditioning and drying, here's what they looked like after on fluorescent lighting.

We probably should have waited longer before we rinsed the solution on Renz's hair since she did have thicker strands of hair. But still, you can see the reddish brown shine on her hair when the light touches it.

Anna's hair really absorbed the color. It's really reddish brown now! The pic is taken in my room next to the window. I really think it suits her!

And here's Anna's hair outside under the sunlight.

And here are the girls with Neysa and Bel at our classroom. You can see the reddish brown shine on Anna and Renz's hair compared to the Jet Black hair of Neysa and Bel.

And here are some solo shots of the girls under fluorescent lighting next to a window (the camera was set on warm lighting too).

Here's Renz smiling pretty! :)

And Anna with her wavy curls from my curling iron and her award-winning pout! :)

If you're interested in coloring your hair, the Hortaleza Professional Coloring Cream and Oxidizing Lotion are available in HBC stores. It's very cheap compared to other DIY hair coloring creams. 
But if you want to play it safe, try out their HP (Hair + Perfection) Color Hairspa!
It's also available in HBC Stores but you can GET IT FREE if you win this week's HBC's 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway!

And if you're thinking of going to their stores, now is a great time!
They will be having this promo starting today til the rest of November, 2011!
So visit their stores soon!



  1. Anna looks like a rockstar. :) definitely better than before the hair color. :)

  2. wow, the hair color really turned out nice on them. :)

  3. Yeah! I'm happy it looked good since this change wasn't really planned. :P I really didn't have any idea what it would look like! :))