Thursday, November 03, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Hi, girls!

This post is not really a review. More likely a post of swatches. :P

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream has been quite popular in the past few months that even we got to purchase some to try them out (bought them online). We've had these lip creams for around 4 months now and I've seen quite a lot of bloggers posting reviews about it. :P

Anyway, we really like these lippies. It's inexpensive, long-lasting, very matte and really pigmented. Pretty much what you consider very important in choosing a matte lippie. The only problem we get is the drying of lips or sometimes the lip bleeding we get after some time.

So here are the shades we bought:

From left to right
Addis Ababa, San Paulo, Monte Carlo

Swatches on skin: 
From left to right - Addis Ababa, San Paulo, Monte Carlo

 And here are pictures of me wearing the three shades. :)

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa is a cool fuchsia color. It's somewhat the reason we got addicted to fuchsia.

San Paulo
San Paulo is a warm pink shade. 

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo sort of has a shade close to the color of red wine.

That's all folks! :P

We would want to try out other shades but we are currently drowning on lippies because of the sudden purchases we did. Haha! Hopefully it would take a while for us to purchase a lippie again because I really have no idea what to do with the older ones. o.O



  1. Where did you get those? and how much? thanks!

  2. the shades are awesome on you, hahaha i wanna buy again tuloy LOL

  3. Gorgeous Lip Colors! Looks great on you! Thanks for sharing! I wanna try Addis Ababa! ^___^

  4. Thanks, girls! :D

    Btw, Kaye, We bought them here:


  5. I love how you used them kinda like a lipstain.

  6. Yeah. I used 1 coating for every picture. The colors intensify as you apply more coats. But it bothers me cuz my lips dries so much if I have more than 2 coats! :P