Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Body Shop's Blogger Makeover with their Winter Trend Makeup Collection

 Hi Lovely Ladies!

 The season of giving is in the air! Only 41 days left 'til Christmas! And to celebrate this special holiday, The Body Shop launched a lot of events as an early Christmas celebration!

One of these events is the Blogger Makeover! Yesterday I, together with my friend, Liz, were at SM Megamall with a number to bloggers to get makeovers using The Body Shop's new Winter Trend Makeup Collection.

I was very eager to go when I received the invite. Why wouldn't I be? When I will be one of the few to try out their latest Makeup Collection! I even got there a few minutes earlier than scheduled. Now that's something new! Because I'm usually 'fashionably' late! Haha!

Since we were early, the makeup artists to do our makeover were still working on other bloggers so we'll have to wait for a few minutes. While waiting, Danica, the one who informed us about the event, toured us around the store and told us detailed information about their products and also introduced to us their newly launched products!

At the left you will see their 'Extra Virgin' Mineral Makeup Collection (Extra Virgin, because the oil used in the formula is Extra Virgin Olive Oil), and the New Winter Trend Collection! At the right are The Body Shop's Skin Care Lines. Danica familiarized us on which line is best for each skin type.

And I really want to try their Seaweed Skin Care line, especially the cleanser! They used this to cleanse my face before putting on my makeup.

At the left you'll see the Cranberry Joy collection which they relaunch every Christmas season. There are also other scents such as Spiced Vanilla and the new Candied Ginger Collection (It smells a lot like a Cola candy --- I'm still figuring out if it smells like Pepsi or Rootbeer). The right photo is the exterior of the shop (sorry if it's blurred). As you can see, they are having promos on their Gift sets! More about that event and the other events they've prepared later! :P

 This is one of their new products -- their lip oil. It comes in 4 scents, from fruity to floral! I want to try the rosy one! Besides lip oils, they also have one for the eyes to reduce puffiness! Although I don't think I need that for now. :P

These are their Earth Lovers Shower Gels. 'Earth Lovers' because it's very earth-friendly. It's made from natural ingredients unlike some bath products that are made from various chemicals. We've already tried one of their similar product, The Body Shop's Rainforest Hair Care Line.

Their Cucumber & Mint is my favorite Scent. It has a very relaxing smell! Mmmm...

 Oh! And standing between me and Liz is Danica, the one who gave the tour and supplied us with infos on various products of The Body Shop. :D

 And with me are Issa (left pic) and Nina (right pic). They were also there to guide us and chitchat with us while doing our makeovers.
 They are all so pretty!! Is it a requirement to be that pretty to work for The Body Shop??

Here's Liz having her makeover.

 Annalyn, The Body Shop's resident makeup artist for the branch in Megamall, is doing her makeover with the new Winter Trend Makeup Collection.

 The Winter Trend Collection has 2 Palettes for their eyeshadows. Annalyn is using the Golden Brown 4-Colour Eye Palette on Liz.

And for me I chose the Silver Black 4-Colour Eye Palette. 

 Here are the various The Body Shop makeup products used for the makeover.

 Carissa will be doing my makeover. She is one of the two award-winning makeup artists invited to do the makeovers for the bloggers in the event.

My face all evened-out with the Body Shop's BB Cream and Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation. She contoured and high-lighted my face as well. She's doing my eyebrows in the picture. A bit of a struggle since my eyebrows are uneven. I've been struggling with my eyebrows for the longest time. :P

 I chose to get a smokey makeup. I'm just that daring when it comes to makeup. Haha! It's almost evening anyway. :P

 Look at me with the goofy smile obviously loving getting prettified! :P

 And here's a before and after pic of me. :D

I was impressed by most of the products. But unfortunately, my dark spots aren't covered as much as I wanted them to. If you zoom-in on the pictures, the dark spots are still visible. I guess I should still stick with heavy coverage foundations.

 Here's me with Liz after our makeovers!

 Oh! And we met Shen of Shen's Addiction again. All-dolled-up from the makeover! Pretty and fabulous as ever! :D

 After 4 hours, the color is still visible, especially the blush. Although I have to wipe the oiliness away. I'm just too darn oily! :P

And of course we took home a bag of giveaways! 

Curious to know what's inside??


 Tadaaa!! Makeup and Bath and Body products from The Body Shop, a Christmas Catalogue and some cards concerning their upcoming events!

Here are pics for a closer look on the products I got. 
 Silver Black 4-Colour Eye Palette

 White Musk Libertine Eau de Parfum

Candied Ginger Body Scrub and Cranberry Joy Shimmer Lotion

I'm soooo excited to try them out! Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews! :D

So what else did The Body Shop prepared for all of us to enjoy this Christmas?

This is the schedule of events for their early Christmas Celebration.

You can also try the Winter Trend Makeovers during the said dates at the said locations on the poster.

Body Shop together with the Childhope Asia Philippines Chorale will be doing a Christmas Caroling event which will benefit the children in Childhope Asia Philippines.

And a great promo from The Body Shop during the Christmas season. Get a free Christmas gift set when you buy 3 gifts of the same or lower value.

But if you are a Love your Body member, you can only buy 2 and still get 1 free Christmas Gift.

Cool events and promos, huh? If you're interested to know more about these, you can visit The Body Shop's Facebook Page. :D

And before I end this post, I would like to share to you this teaser picture:
Can you guess which well-loved product is coming back in stores soon? (hint the green color)

I'm sure many beauty enthusiasts would be thrilled to get their hands on this one again.



  1. annalyn also took a long time fixing my eyebrows because they're so sparse and uneven. :) I have been convinced to save up for the BB Cream and the Extra Virgin Mineral Foundation. The seaweed cleanser was HEAVEN! haha... wish i had oodles more money to spend.

  2. Nice Blog:) How did you get an invite?