Monday, November 14, 2011

HBC's Happy Beautiful Christmas: Week 1 WINNERS

Hey everyone!

Today I will be announcing the first set of winners for HBC's 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas (week1)!

Last week's featured products were all for our crowning glory.
The winners will win those products from HBC in the picture above! Yay for beautiful and fabulous hair! 

But first, I'd like to thank all the people who joined this giveaway. I know that I was late in posting about this event compared to other bloggers who are hosting it as well. But I'm so glad that you people still joined and shared your thoughts and experiences with me and my readers. :D

I will not keep you waiting any longer...

The Winners are...

France Navarro and Neysa Saguid!!!

Congratulations, girls!

Your entries were a delight to read. I think most girls would relate to what you've experienced and the way you fixed those nightmares were both practical and easy to do. And as Neysa said, great looking hair boosts your confidence! 
So enjoy your prizes, girls! Flaunt your fab hair and be proud of your crowning glory!

And to review their entries in the question:

Share with us what great looking hair is for you, your most unforgettable hair nightmare and what you did to turn it around.

Here are their answers:

France's Answer:

Great hair for me is super soft to the touch and shiny

My unforgettable hair nightmare was during high school. I had my hair up in a high ponytail all the time so my hair developed a habit of having on odd wave. Since then, it's been frizzy and wavy. Now that I've graduated college, I've grown all the frizzy hair and maintain it with hair serum and deep-moisturizing hair spas.

Neysa's Answer:

Great hair for me is the one that reveals one's awesome features. the right cut, color, shine, or even the bounce of our hair definitely adds instant confidence!

My worst hair experience was also my greatest. I remember having a long break at school, I decided to have my hair cut short and went to a small parlor down the street near our school. For 50php my hair was cut and blowdried into a short bob with short bangs. It was a disaster! the bangs was too short for my forehead and the chic bob that i was going for wasn't chic at all. I looked like EDNA from Pixar's Incredibles--less cute. After 3 days i got my hair rebonded and cut shorter. It was the best haircut i had ever had! I am still sporting that short haired look without the rebond, and i love it, with a little wave here and there, i find my hair unique and only me. And i know with a little shine, color and health boost(hair spa) my hair will definitely jump to that next level!:)

Congratulations again, 
France and Neysa!

(I've left you messages in your Facebook and Email. I hope you can respond within 48 hours)

Week 2 of the 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas Event will be posted soon. 
 I hope you all can join again! And I'm also encouraging other readers to join too! :D
Have a Happy Beautiful Christmas, everyone!



  1. yey!!! thank you peachypinksis!! and of course HBC!!!:)

  2. You're welcome, Neysa! Keep on joining to get a chance to win more prizes from HBC! :)