Monday, November 07, 2011

Haul Before the Semester Starts

 My sem break is about to come to an end and classes for the 2nd sem of this school year will officially start tomorrow (I don't want to go to school yet!!!). So we went shopping at Watsons to restock on necessities since we will be busy with school.

We also visited Etude House. We haven't tried any of their products yet so we were eager to buy some.

Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer

 2 Etude Drawing Eye Brow in Brown

 and they even included a freebie -- a sachet of Peel so good foam cleanser!

And here are the items we bought from Watsons:

 Maybelline Extreme Lash Stiletto Mascara

 Nichido Black liquid Liner -- We've been addicted to thick-lined K-pop-ish eye makeup so eyeliners are our present favorite makeup. :P

 Ever Bilena Advance Glitter Eyeshadow in Luscious Pink

 Ever Bilena Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades in Sunset Cafe -- I saw this and thought that it looks a lot like Dior Eyeshadow palettes and surprisingly, I find it very pigmented so I bought one. It's only Php120.00 anyway. :P

 and some toiletries from conditioners to body salts. :P

The shoe box at the back was for free since we bought something included in the promo.

 They even gave us a Watson's Beauty Magazine called What's on. It includes interesting articles and coupons that we can use on future Watsons purchases. :)



  1. the eb pallet looks like an old kanebo pallet design ;-) very interesting shades though ^_^ great haul ☺♥

  2. my bad...i meant that the EB pallet looks like a Dior pallet ^_^

  3. ayeee, Etude house haul~ ^^ can't wait for the review of proof 10 eye base :D

  4. eb is so amazing... for a mall brand, it's a good substitute for those really pricey brands. I want to haul etude and other make up products too. :)

  5. Ty girls! I'm excited to use them all!! :P