Monday, November 28, 2011

HBC's 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas: Week 4

 Hello everyone!

Week 4 of the 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas giveaway has finally arrived!!

Another set of featured products to be given away by Hbc!

So what is our featured product this week?

Color me mine. Rosy blushes that define a natural looking flush. A week of beautiful smiles await you.

A few swirls of blusher livens up pale cheeks. It also helps shape your face. Your blusher shade should mimic the natural color of your cheeks. Smile and apply blush on the fleshy part that pops up and you’re good to go.

Not sure which blush to wear? 
Fair skin goes well with rose blushers while apricot or bronzers are a sure hit for dark skin. Powder blushers are usually best for oily and combination skin which makes San San Cheek Blushers handy with four great shades that are waiting to uncover the real beauty in you. 
All you have to do is answer this week’s question:

Who makes you blush?
(Post a short “blush” story or even a link to his/her photo). 

Mechanics of the giveaway: 
  •  Open to Philippine residents only
  •  Must be a follower of my blog 
  • “Like” HBC Facebook Fan page
  •  Spread the news about this contest to others by linking through the contest page to your own blog, Twitter (tag HBC's twitter page) or Facebook (don't forget to tag Hbc's facebook page!)
  •  and leave your complete name, email address, shared links and answer in the comment box below
  • 2 Winners will win the featured products this week ( 1 for best answer, 1 randomly picked)

Here's an example of what your response would look like:

  • Answer: "Type your answer here." 
  • Name: Dawn Catherine Llanera 
  • GFC Name: PeachyPink Sisters (GFC= Google Friend Connect - your name as a follower)
  • Facebook Name: Dawn Catherine Llanera
  • Email:
  • Shared Links:
    • Blog:
    • Facebook:!/dawn.llanera/posts/235857816476901
    • Twitter:!/DawnLlanera/status/134625922782466048

* If you don't know how to get the link for your shared posts in Twitter or Facebook, just go to your profile and click the time you shared/twitted it -- example, "9 minutes ago".

* Winners will be contacted by HBC and their prizes can be claimed at the nearest HBC store.

I actually find the question hard to answer...
because the first person that pops into my head that makes me blush has always been a secret. Only a few people know who and I want it to remain that way for a while. Haha! Chos!

Anyway, I'll just share with you my newly found crush!

I was watching the mini series, "Pillars of the Earth" a few days ago and I keep smiling whenever this guy shows up on the screen.

His name is Eddie Redmayne.
I think he is UBER hot! He's smart, a Tony awardee and a model for Burberry! Rawr! :D

Happy Beautiful Christmas!



  1. Answer: "my bloved husband makes me blush.Whenever he steals a kiss in my nape from behind and caress me lovingly,the blood rushes from the tips on my toes to my cheeks!Nothing beats the glow of being in love!..."
    the pic of my hubby:!/photo.php?fbid=1524378159739&set=a.1537169999527.81966.1543194481&type=3&theater
    Name: Arra Morta
    GFC Name: arra
    Facebook Name: Arra Morta

    Shared Links:


  2. A 1st year Harry Potter look-a-like guy in school makes me blush every time. I don’t put cheek blushers but whenever I see him, my cheeks began to blush. It started when he offer a hand-shake during the crossover event (an event in school where the university welcomes the new students). I should be the one to offer a hand-shake but due to my shyness, he offered me instead. I smiled at him. I felt fireworks when we held. i was really kilig on that moment.

    Name:charmaigne grace gepana
    GFC Name: charmaigne grace
    Facebook Name: shaz gepana

    Shared Links:



  3. Answer: "The only person who makes me blush for almost 17 months is no other than my boyfriend! We were lucky to have each other and for us there's always a spark between us that can't separate us. I love Him so much and the way he treated me always make me blush." :)!/aykulith/status/140994281405026305

    Name: Mary Aiko Orcilla
    GFC Name: Aykulith
    Facebook Name: Aiko Orcilla

    Shared Links:


  4. answer: It would be my ex boyfriend :) He is the type of guy who rarely shows his emotion. So when he prepared something for me during our 100th and 500th day without me knowing it...It was really a pleasant surprise...He loved to surprise me from time to time...He would even write his messages in Latin and provide me with a Latin dictionary..hehe...



    name: Leilani Sonza
    GFC: leilani
    FB: Leilani sonza

  5. Answer: What makes me blush?
    1. a sincere compliment from my preschool student "Ang ganda mo teacher."
    2. a stolen kiss from my boyfriend
    3. a sweep of San San Cheek Blusher for a natural flush :)

    Name: Camille Quiambao
    GFC Name: notyourordinaryteacher
    Facebook Name: vintagekawaii onlineshop
    Shared Links:


  6. Answer: After 7 years, my husband still gets me a giddy and makes me blush. I feel like I won the husband lotto! He is so kind, caring, loyal & hardworking. He does not mind helping me with cooking, cleaning, giving massages, just treats me like a queen. He even tells me that I'm pretty even just after I came out of bed or no matter what I look like. He treats our daughter like a princess. I am so lucky and it just keeps getting better! :) Name: Elinor Semira
    GFC Name: Elinor Semira
    Facebook Name: Ma Elinor Semira
    Email: elinorsemira0124(at)gmail(dot)com
    Shared Links:

  7. Answer:
    Compliments always make me blush.Even e-mails and letters and most especially When I see my crush!

    He is such a cutie when he smiles! Yay! I can't help my self from blushing and smiling whenever I see his face! I'm going gaga over him and whenever he smiled a bit,I died. :D

    GFC Name: marites11_javier
    Facebook Name: Marites Javier

    Shared Links:

  8. Answer: My husband.
    Photo Link :
    Name: Analyn Alonsagay
    GFC Name: Analyn
    Facebook Name: Analyn ALonsagay
    Shared Links:

  9. Answer: A lot of things make me blush: seeing a hot guy, like David Beckham perhaps, with a hot bod makes me blush; hearing a compliment from my happy crush in class makes me blush (he just gave me one earlier); a smile as adorable as Logan Lerman's makes me blush; and a really outstanding work of art, whether written, painted, or played makes me blush. :)

  10. Answer: My "crush" makes me blush especially if he compliments me or he keeps on smiling at me. He did'nt know that I have a crush on him that's why theres always a "kilig factor" when i see him. I also blush when he catch me staring at him:)
    Name: Ricalyn Sicad
    GFC Name: Ricalyn Sicad
    Facebook Name: Ricalyn Sicad
    Shared Links:

  11. Answer: For 8 yrs of being together, my hubby still makes me blush. Everyday he always says how much he loves me and our kids. He makes me feel i'm the only girl ever lived =) I also posted here:
    Name: Leizle Demaisip
    GFC Name: Leizle
    Facebook Name: Leizle Demaisip
    Shared Links:

  12. Answer: My husband makes me blush when he compliments me and makes some moves or say something that trigger my "kilig".
    link of his photo posted on hbc:
    Name: Erlinda Sicad
    GFC Name: Erlinda Sicad
    Facebook Name: Erlinda Sicad
    Shared Links:

  13. I have this crush from our sister company and he looks like Jo hyeon Jae. He's a very good basketball player and I didnt know we have a common friend. One time, my friend played a trick on me,.he called me and asked me to tell him more about my crush only to find out that we're on a 3-way.. so heard evrything I said about him and the most kilig part about it was when he said that "maybe we should go out sometime"..awww! super kilig

    GFC - Bachuchay
    FB Name - Monette Nama
    email - huggie0109(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Twitter post :!/iambachuchay/status/142995028317450241

  14. Answer: When I get compliments like "ang ganda mo!", "pretty" or blooming ka today!" from friends and family. It really makes me blush, kilig and i really really feel i am special hearing those words! :)
    Name: Anna Patricia Wamilda
    GFC Name: annawamilsa
    Facebook Name: Anna Patricia Wamilda
    Shared Links:

  15. This young actor named RYAN GOSLING (the dreamy, hot guy from the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Notebook) made me blush and fall in love with him the moment i saw his latest movie. He's a changed man! Before he looks like a dirty farmer but now, God, he is photoshopped. But there is this guy, simple, friendly, cute and a real gentleman who never fails to make me blush and feel "kilig" everytime we bond. Usually he'd tease me and tell these corny pick-up lines but he'd make sure i would always smile. :">

    Renz Karhleen Mandac
    Renskatlin Mandac