Saturday, November 05, 2011


Hey girls!

Just sharing some info on this new online store, Off the Rack. 

I really like some of the outfits here, especially the pink one in the picture (left most one). So I do hope you girls check her stuff out.

I really admire Jariss, the woman behind Off the Rack. At such a young age of 20, she has done so much like being the Marketing head of Nail It! Salon, a freelance blogger, a MUA and a stylist (I'm so jealous. I wish I have her passion and drive to do something.). :P

Here are a few things you need to know about Off the Rack:

About the seller

Claire Jariss Manlapas is a 20-year old Multimedia Arts student who writes for and handles marketing for Nail It! Salon on the side. On top of that, she runs a fashion blog called “Fashion Firewoman” which doubles as her online portfolio and journal for fashion-related events. Generally, she enjoys writing and reading foreign fashion sites/blogs to keep herself updated.
She used to daydream about selling accessories online such as rings and bangles but got extremely busy to even wear them. She has no background in selling, but she keeps a good relationship with different top online shops she’s featured in her blog and is fond of hopping from one online shop to another. See Shop Alert features HERE.
How did it start?
This was an idea over lunch on a long weekend. Believe it or not, the whole concept, buying of goods and putting up of an online page took place in 5 days— everything was done out of impulse.

When I was thinking of a name, I dwelled on what products I’m selling which are clothes that are hand-picked for you—that’s the whole concept of the shop. You don’t need to go through a lot of average-looking dresses; I make things easier for you by showing only the top of the line, new and fresh OFF THE RACK. Coincidentally, I’m fond of clothes racks found on Tumblr and We Heart It which makes the brand name more apt.

How is OFF THE RACK different from other online shops?
Products are brand new but I don’t design them. Nowadays, it’s either you design what you sell or you fetch them from a thrift store then resell. All I do is order the trendiest clothes fresh OFF THE RACK and sell them.
The pieces are hand-picked. Unlike other retailers, I don’t just grab everything that’s on wholesale. I make sure that what I sell passes my standards and are of good taste. Sure, you might see similar designs in other shops but here’s the thing: you don’t need to go through every single piece to find the dress of your dreams; I gather all the pretty ones and sorta do the picking for you. ;)
Everything is affordable. I like pretty things, that’s a fact. But most pretty things are far too expensive when really, you can get them at such lower prices. I want people to afford what I like and OFF THE RACK is making that possible— let’s leave it at that. ;)

What is our price range?
Nothing goes beyond Php1000. And yes, I’m talking about everything, even the frilly dresses. For the first batch, the most expensive piece is Php650. Steal!

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