Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 2 WINNERS of HBC's 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas

Hello again!

Week 2 of HBC's
8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas has officially ended.
I've read all the entries answering the question:
If you were to dye your hair with an outrageous color (e.g. violet, blue, pink, etc.), what will it be and why?  

If I had to answer that question, I would say I'd dye my hair Maroon!
I think it's sexy and bold. Makes you feel confident and smart. Plus, one of my favorite bands is Maroon 5! :P
I'll just have to be braver for me to sport that hair color.  LOL

But anyway,
Without further ado...

The winners for the 2nd week of the giveaway is...

Leilani Sonza and Encey Javahery!

Congratulations, girls!

I've left you messages in you Facebook and in your Email. I hope you could respond within 24 hours. :) 

Here's what our winners answered:

I would choose violet :) Not only coz this is my favorite color..but it actually complements a lot of colors in my wardrobe and lipsticks hehehe...I am actually wearing an aubergine color right now :)

if i would dye my hair i would want it to be pink and orange. i want to be different and feel confident about my hair. its also good to explore our life especially now that i am a teenager this is the time to do anything we want and to stand out from others. :)
that's it for the Week 2 of HBC's 8 Ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas!
Stay tuned for Week 3!
I'm sure fabulous prizes will be waiting for you so don't forget to check the blog soon and join!