Sunday, June 27, 2010

Affascinante Salon Case # 1: Trace's hair is straight and short!

Trace writes

I've had my hair long for almost five years now, and have had it rebonded for five years through home service. I noticed that Ah Glow! - the rebonding formula used by the person who did my hair - made my hair dry and frizzy eventually. So as much as I like my friend, I had to switch to a different experience. For the record, my natural hair is very thick and thick-stranded. It has survived a lot of pain and damage from straightening, relaxing, *unsuccessful* coloring, perming, etc. LOL.

I decided to troop to Affascinante Salon with my sister (see yesterday's post) and meet Weng Sanchez. She and her team have gotten a lot of rave reviews @ Girltalk. Plus, thermic rebonding costs only PhP 2, 500 for all hair lengths until July 15 2010! 

This is the before shot (BIG AND WAVY, I know):

My experience: I talked to Weng and she assured me that her formula will not damage my hair, now or in the future. I opted for thermic instead of silicone rebonding, which, according to Weng, just makes hair shinier but would cost me a thousand pesos more. I did not think I would need more shine, seeing that the new regrowth is already healthy. If my hair weren't so darn wavy and unmanageable, I would have preferred it that way. But alas, one cannot be that lucky. 

She started by cutting my hair into a bob after she told me how to manage the cut - although it needs more maintenance than layered hair (since the ends will flyaway since they touch the shoulders), it's more bagay for me. Then the usual rebonding process - rebonding formula, then rinse, then protein spray, then ironing, then formula, then rinse, then treatment (yes, she even gave me a free treatment - a minty keratin mask, I think), then rinse and blowdry! Took me 7-8 hours, good thing the staff's really friendly, and we got to watch movies and eat some bread and had 3 glasses of iced tea. After the salon visit, my siblings and I had dinner at Aveneto and my brother told me I looked really good!

This is the result after washing and drying:

Outcome: Washing it after 3 days, my hair's all straight again! Yey! My hair looks super shiny, as well. I have a haircut problem though - the ends are flicking already since they're on the shoulder level. I guess I need to get it cut again, since I hate ironing! :( But hey, at least I've gotten a total of 9 compliments already about how young I look!

Tips: Call for an appointment. The salon's members always take their time per client, so it's not for the impatient. And hope and pray the DVD is not Jennifer Lopez's The Backup Plan (2010) because that is the worst movie I've ever seen in the last 5 years.


ADDRESS: Royal World Mansion Bldg. Pablo Ocampo (formerly Vito Cruz) corner Enrique Street, Manila. Near St. Scholasticas College. Also Near Becky's Kitchen. If you see the signage of Zonetech Bar along Pablo Ocampo (Vito Cruz), Affascinante is pretty near and you've found it!

PHONE: 3458815 / 09239574020 / 09273171776




  1. Beautiful! You look like a different person! I had to scroll back up to make sure it was you! LOL!

  2. Wow, thank you! =) that's the 10th compliment. The best thing about a drastic change is that people love it (sometimes more than yourself)! I still miss my long hair *sob* but I think short is the way to go for 2010 :)

    Love your 5 products post, BTW! - Trace

  3. Gorgeous haaaaair! :) I want to try Affa badly. Does the salon do retouching for rebonded hair? :)

  4. Hi Stella! Yup, they offer that service too :) Tell them Dawn and Tracy recommended them to you, hopefully Ms. Weng will be generous enough to give a discount or a free treatment :)