Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paintings during the Summer... so far.

Since there is no school for now and I have time, I made some paintings that I want to share. :)

These two were made with acrylic paint. I made these two paintings for my mom. She loves flowers so much that she goes to Dangwa every week to buy some.

This is the most recent one I've done so far. It's in Oil paint and the headpiece is made with real beads. 

I have plans on making more for the rest of the summer. I want to add more works for my portfolio which I need to present when I look for an adviser for my thesis for the next school year. :P



  1. What can I say friend? This is really beautiful but this is far from your best work yet. I wish you'd do something this summer that you'd really take seriously something that utterly moves you even while your making it. I know you can do better and you know that as well. :)

  2. wow! those are very nice paintings! you are very talented! :)