Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Haul with Liz

My best friend, Liz, asked me to help her look for new clothes for her wardrobe. She recently had her 22nd birthday (last April 14 -- belated happy birthday!). and she has cash to spend! :P

We went to SM San Lazaro (mall closest to our houses) and it's their BIG sale! Every store we went to had really good stuff with very good deals. We were walking for about 5 hours! We were tired -- tired but HAPPY with all these amazing purchases!!!

Liz's white polo from Sabella
 Liz's dark grey top from Sabella

 Liz's White Top from Sabella

Dawn's Yellow Blazer from Sabella

 Liz's Black Blouse from Hug

 Dawn's Blouse from Hug

 Liz's Floral skirt from Scoop Project

 Liz's White Dress from Scoop Project

 Liz's Summer Dress from Get Laud!
 Liz's Black Blouse from Maldita

 Dawn's Grey Blouse from Woman: Philosophy

(the owner of this is a C-cret! haha)

 Shoes from B Club

Well, there you have it! It was a long and tiring day but we think it's one of the best shopping days we have had in a long while. Hope we can save up money for a next time. :P


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  1. This shopping day was one of the best we've ever had. Never thought we could haul this much from SM. We usually have huge haul from Divisoria. haha! Anyway, there was so many great deals that I was tempted to spend every cent I had. Hope next time will be a great sale day again! :)