Friday, April 01, 2011

Lack of Sleep + Tons of Exams = Zombies

Hello, this is Liz, you might remember me from a few of Dawn's makeover posts. Well today I'll be sharing with you a little project of mine. Now, I guess Dawn had mentioned before that I'm a Med student well, life as a Medicine student is pretty simple, you eat, you study, you facebook, and you take exams. Period. If you happen to find the time to sleep more than 2 hours a day (which I do instead of studying), and take a bath once a day, and watch television shows then you can live a happy life for 4 years and avoid looking like these characters.

Yes, that person in the middle with the yellow t-shirt is me. And no… this is not some weird random stuff we do. Let me orient you. One of the departments in our faculty decided came up with the idea of having an MTV project showcasing what life as a Med student is like. Since all of the MTVs that our seniors did started out with somebody studying for the exams and all were like just stressed or just happy, we decided that our MTV should be an exaggeration of that stress. Well during those times we were feeling kind of zombie like so we decided to do the MJ’s Thriller. I was asked to do the make up for the shoots.

I found several sites in Youtube on Zombie make up but my favorite is this one by user fumsmusings. I liked the video so much because it teaches you how to make the prosthetics using common household objects. The other videos I checked used the ready-made fake skin or latex which is really expensive for a low budget class project, and which I think is really hard to find here. Check out her other videos for other scary make up tutorials.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to use the prosthetics because of lack of time for the preparation but here are some of my best works for the MTV.

The lead of our MTV, our Michael Jackson! I put minimal gashes on him because he’s supposed to be a newly turned zombie… J

My favorite… Nini the Doll Zombie… I’m scared of (porcelain, life like) dolls, so she was the scariest and the one I’m most proud of. And then there's me beside Nini. The green contact lenses really helped… although you might not notice them here.

The make up was so convincing when we went to the comfort room in the hospital we scared a Medical Technician and a few ladies. Our other classmates were even able to scare a few people on their way home. And best of all, the judges of the MTV praised it!

The film makers were Dice Media Production and they might put up the video on Youtube one of these days so I’ll just ask Dawn to put up the link for you if you’re interested to watch. For now, since I can't upload videos from facebook, here is a link of the trailer. Hope you guys love it!


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