Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: San San Mousse Foundations and Blushes

As mentioned in one of our posts, here's the review for the Mousse foundations and blushes of HBC San San Cosmetics.

Since my best friend, Liz was also at home when I was trying the product out, I let her use it too. I think it's a good idea since I have very oily skin and she has somewhat dry skin.  I used Natural and Liz used a mixture of Natural and Beige.

Here's our take on the foundations:

  Mousse Foundation in Natural

   Mousse Foundation in Beige

 Mousse Foundation in Olive

 Natural, Beige, Olive
Swatches on skin

  Natural, Beige, Olive
When blended.

  • It's not suitable to oily skin. My skin got really oily in a short amount of time. Unlike on Liz that stayed longer for about 4 hours.
  • It's very sheer so very minimal coverage.
  • Very light on skin so it feels like you're not wearing makeup!
  • A bit hard to apply since we're used to powder and liquid foundations. 

    And here are the Blushes:
      Mousse Blush in Pink

      Mousse Blush in Mocha

    Pink, Mocha
    Swatches on Skin

     Pink, Mocha
    When blended.

    • The blushes are very pigmented so be careful when applying so you won't put on too much.
    • The pink one looks cute on fair complexion. It reminds me of the rosy cheeks of a porcelain doll! :P
    • The mocha blush can also be a bronzer. Very handy during the summer for that bronzed look!
    • Quite difficult to apply since we're used to powdered blushes.
    • Staying power varies. It doesn't stay as long on oily skin as on dry skin.
    Hope our review helps!


    1. I might try the blushes. Thanks for the swatches :)

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    3. the pink blush is pretty!! :3 i don't think the foundie will work for me because i have very oily skin too.

    4. Sugar, I think the blush is pretty too! It looks good on me and on my friend as well. Too bad for the foundations though. :P

    5. the colors are pretty.

      Newbie blogger here and a follower as well, both of you are very talented and your blog is amazing. Hope you can visit my blog too sometime.

      TC :)

    6. nice review sis! :)