Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Kikay Kit Preview: My Lootwagon's Giveaway Entry!

Hi everyone! I have decided to enter another giveaway, but this time - it's a different sort! I've recently followed Aimee Diego of Lootwagon and have read her reviews and recommendations. She's now hosting a pretty generous giveaway, so of course - I am here to enter and share my own thoughts! We can get lucky, can't we?

My favorite Lootwagon entry is her "What's in my Kikay Kit?" post. I have always loved peering at other girls' purses online (of course, in any other case it would be creepy!). Just take a look at that jampacked nifty kit of cuteness:

I personally do not carry around expensive items in my retouch kit because of a bad experience last year - I went clubbing and I accidentally left my kikay kit on the sink and never got it back! And what was lost? A black Chanel kit, my Shiseido eyelash curler, a Chanel gray eyeliner, a Chanel Glossimer, a The Face Shop foundation powder, a Bloom blush brush, a Bobbi Brown Bridal Face palette and some other expensivo-items. Sad, I know! The content of my bag is more costly than my Nokia 3120c cellphone! Imagine my distress when I realized the items I saved up for *by not eating lunch or skimping on other stuff LOL* were gone, all gone!

So now, I carry around a decent stash that won't make me cry out in agony when misplaced. Unlike Aimee, I can't afford to carry my MAC Studio Fix NC30 and a liquid foundation in my kit, I am just too sloppy and disorganized! Here are the contents of mine:

Laura Mercier clear makeup bag
ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
4U2 Dream Girl Lovelight Oil Control Powder in 2
Laura Mercier Undercover Pot - 2
Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in 10 Grapefruit
Shiseido Aqua Diamond Rouge Lipstick in RS392
In2it Blush in CB 02 Kiss
Fanny Serrano Eyelash curler
Kabuki Princess Powder and Angled Blush Brush
Clinique Happy 30ml
Dioraddict 2 Eau de Toilette sample
Valentino Rockin'  Rose Couture Eau de Toilette sample

It is a  mixture of high-end and low-end products, perfect for on-the-go touch ups. Although I have a feeling that the items are about to change since I am getting tired of the shades.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek! Do follow and join Aimee's blog contest - on video!


P.S. This blog entry actually made me depressed, because it brought back memories of my lost kikay kit. Imagine, 3 Chanel items and a Bobbi Brown Bridal Palette that looks like this:

Ganda, right? Good thing I wasn't crazy about that palette (pigmentation wasn't very good)... If that were a NARS palette I would have absolutely gone bonkers.


  1. Thanks for joining Trace! :-)

  2. sayang naman yung BB palette and Chanel makeups mo sis..

  3. Dear Trace, *hug* I am so sorry to hear about your lost. I can imagine how painful it was. Although I don't really know what it means by "Kikay", I hope you win! Got to check the Kikay term tomorrow.

  4. Thank you for sponsoring this contest Aimee! I hope... I win. Hehe =D

    Khymm - Yeah :( Ang sad talaga. I really saved up for the items pa naman. Goodbye talaga.

    Fish Fish - Thank you, I needed that!!! If it were composed of easy-to-find and buy items it wouldn't be too much of a big deal.

    "Kikay" btw is a filipino term that's been invented recently to mean "beauty" or "vanity" but in a much more playful sense. It's like Japanese "kawaii" for "cool" or something like that :D

  5. Trace, if I lost all those make up, I'd probably be bawling for days. It's not just make up. It's Chanel, for goodness' sake! And all those other good brands. :P

    Anyway, good luck on your entry. :)

  6. Aw Pammy! I never bought anything from Chanel after that, it's my unlucky brand. =( I kinda regret that my sister and I didn't start this blog early, it would have been nice if I was able to review the items in kit.

    Thank you! I hope I win sa contest hehehe

  7. Trace, ooohhh, now I like this word Kikay! Do you pronounce it as "KeeKay"?

    The Japanese like to combine two words to become one. Like EroKakkoi means Stylish with an erotic touch. Popularized by a famous singer's fashion.

  8. Yes that's the way you pronounce it! But i absolutely have no idea how it was formed :) I don't think two words were combined or anything like that!

    But "EroKakkoi" - the first time I have heard of it (I don't think I can wear erokakkoi hahaha)! =D I'm learning from you Fish Fish!!

  9. Hi there! Check out who won in my blog contest :-)