Friday, August 13, 2010

In-The-Drawer Makeup Products

I’m sure you have products that basically live almost perpetually hidden in your drawer. These are items you keep because they’re pretty, or you’re hoping for a day when that gorgeous blush or nice highlighter will finally work for you (but probably never would)!

So I rummaged mine and found these items. Most have been here for around 6 months to a year, but have remained almost unused by me and I will tell you why:

1. VOV Cover Foundation in 19 Nude Beige

I got this item because people say it’s a dupe of Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation. But unfortunately, the color is just too light for me – this will probably work for someone who’s NC15-NC20. I’ve mixed it with darker cream foundations before, but stopped because of the hassle. This foundation conceals very well, but I really don’t need it if it doesn’t blend well with my skintone on its own!

You can read Shopcoholic Khymm's review here. She gives it a 4.5!

2. Revlon SkinLights Face Illuminator Loose Powder in Bare Light 21.2g

This jumbo pot of highlighter is VERY beautiful on skin. I’ve used it to highlight the corner of my eyes and all over my body when I need a little sassy perk while wearing a dress (hello cleavage!). But I don’t need it and I don’t use it often –I don’t need to “glitterize” my skin everyday anyway; and if I do, I have Laura Mercier Loose Powder in Stardust already, which will take me forever to finish too.

This is rated 4.6 in Makeupalley, with 82% repurchase rate!

3. Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in P Peach 40 5g (LE)

Now this is a pretty product I have tried for ages to work for me! See, I am the “pink” in the peachy-pink – it’s the color that flatters me. Peach makes me look sunburned, I think I am the oxidation queen. I’ve been on the lookout for ultra pale peaches that can make me look innocent and well, JUST PEACHY! So I bought one of the lightest white-peach blushes of Shu Uemura, hoping that I could make it work, since NARS powder blushes are too pigmented and dark already. But heck… P Peach 40 always turns dark peach or even red on me! Sad, even if it gets a 4.2 rating and a 72% re-buy rate at Makeupalley!

Anyway, I have found the solution already – NARS Enchanted and Benefit Georgia. People complain (even fair-skinned ones) that they can’t get the color of these two cheek products to show up on them at all. On me, their shades are perfect! So happy I got them recently. (Dawn is actually pissed off and told me "Why are wearing peach all the time? I'm supposed to be the peachy girl!")

4. Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Rose Gold 9g

I got this nifty product from the Stila Bronzed Glow set when I shopped last Christmas. When Liz of Project Vanity reviewed the product, I was quick to defend that it's actually worth getting your hands on in my head (I wasn't a blogger then and I didn't want to comment). It's actually nice all in all - provides a very pretty sheen on the cheeks, can highlight your inner corners if used with a wet brush, can "glimmerize" your body... But, I have so many items that do just that! So... if this gets lost or breaks, I probably wouldn't cry about it.

5. E.L.F. Cosmetics Studio Blush in Candid Coral

So this is a blush that's affordable and is of nice quality: smooth, pigmented, very fine shimmer, great texture. It's rated 4.3 with a repurchase rate of 77% in MUA! But ever since I got it, I used it only once. Again, because peaches oxidize on me and I turn ruddy. Sayang, it looks really good on the pan and when swatched! Ariel even says that it's a good alternative to the coveted MAC MSF Stereo Rose!

So those are the items I rarely use. Truth be told, I am planning to sell or have 'em adopted by someone locally because I feel bad that these pretties are lying inside my makeup box while other people proclaim them as awesome products! But they just don't cut it for me.

Do you have unloved items like these in your drawers? What are they?



  1. I love cinema secrets because it can really cover up my blemishes and scars. i never knew that VOV had a dupe for that!

  2. it covers extremely well! it's around 500 bucks, too. i just bought the wrong shade, yikes! =D

  3. i have the elf candid coral and it works for me! i liked it kasi it's not pricey :)

  4. So sad that the Shu blush doesn't work for you. Have you tried P Pink 30? :P

  5. Trace, the candid coral works fine for me. I prefer it over the Tickled Pink. I have a bottle of Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Moisturizer Sheer Tint SPF 15, and I regretted getting it, since it is too shiny for my liking. I love the smell. Should have got the SPF 30 without sheer tint. Guess I'll have to wait until winter to try to use it.

  6. I feel sad to see that the shu uemura brush didn't work that well. But do you know that you can mix shu uemura blush with another blush color and make it work even better? Let me try to see if my camera can capture well as I do that trick a lot with my shu blushes... :)

  7. haha, ive never used the stila again after the initial two weeks of testing.

    love this post.

  8. Haha, I have a ton of stuff like this but I wouldn't even know where to begin! I really should sell them on Girl Talk or something... I'm so lazy, hehe.

  9. Hi Dianne - I agree, it's such a pretty blush! But I have Nars Orgasm/Super Orgasm already and I think I get the same effect when I use those two. Weird right?! I hate being oily, the shades don't stay true on my skin!

    Hi Fish Fish - I do hope you get to use it! Sometimes I get attracted to buying "illuminating" foundations/moisturizers but I really can't get them to work for me :)

    Hi EMS - That would be so nice of you to do a Shu Uemura blush trick review! I am on the verge of selling it (though I prefer not to) - only because I hate the "red cheeks" I get when I use it. It's such a pretty color on its own pa naman.

    Hi Lizz - Yes you should!! I will stalk your post and see if there's anything I like, if you want anything from mine we can swap LOL. I like swapping at Makeupalley and GT! :) Less expensive alternative haha, just 50 for the shipping!

  10. Liz - Haha! You were right all this time =) Thanks!

  11. thanks for the link sis! ok talaga yung coverage ng VOV.. anong number tong Nude beige? or natural beige?

  12. sis i think yan ung #1 pink beige, lightest sa group. different number lang compared to before :)

  13. Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in P Peach 40 looks nice!:)

  14. hey sis, if ever you want to sell the shu uemura blush, let me know :)

  15. Niggi - Yes, it's lovely on the pan actually!
    Crystal - Will message you :)

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