Thursday, August 26, 2010

PPS is Back! Update on Polishes, the State of Affairs, Swap with Shobe

Apologies, dear readers, if we have not been able to update. Dawn is busy with school, while I've been working on the third chapter of my thesis due next week! We'll try our best to post, rave, and rant once we're back to regular programming. As of now, what I (Trace) can offer you are three updates for one loooong post!

1. Nail Polish Haul

Thanks to Zai from Girltalk, I have been able to snag three department-store nail polish colors. This is something new to my sister and I because we've never been particular with polish (I, for instance, don't even wear them at all till recently) and have never tried anything worth more than 50 pesos, seriously.

Luckily, I've gotten my hands on three ready-to-wear, always appropriate neutrals from three brands:

China Glaze in Innocence

Zoya in Uli
Essie in Vanity Fairest

On Dawn's skin

The difference with these polishes compared to local products is that they're easier to apply and they don't chip easily. I've always coveted gel-like and solid colors but they are hard to find and put on (using Elianto is a mess for a messy girl like me!) so I am happy that these items can solve my problem.

I'm sporting CG Innocence on my fingernails and Zoya Uli on my toes. They are quite pretty, but I am not confident enough to show pictures of my hands because I am still growing my nails out. See, I have been a fingernail biter for more than 16 years. Sometimes I don't even notice I'm munching on the "horn-like envelopes covering the dorsal aspect of the terminal phalanges of fingers and toes," especially when I am nervous. And when I'm conscious of doing so, sometimes I don't stop - there's this weird pleasure of getting rid of the top part. Gross, I know. I'm part of the 29% of adults addicted to nailbiting!

I was successful at keeping the habit away for a month last July, but failed at the fourth week! I figure if I buy expensive polishes, I might cure this yucky habit. =) Wish me luck. For now, I will just leave you with two swatches from super nail bloggers who convinced me to purchase the shades:

2. State of Affairs

So yes, the Philippines is on top of the world right now. 

It's unbelievable how our public consciousness and emotional variation has been stretched to the limit in just two days: first, because of the Hostage Incident involving a livid former police officer and HK nationals (resulting to 8 deaths and a 12-hour ordeal, highlighted by the incompetence of the PNP and media) and the next, with Maria Venus Raj bagging the 5th place at the 2010 Miss Universe pageant with her major, major sass and 22-inch waistline. 

I am amazed at how flexible/bipolar we can really be - being horrified and despondent one day, and then being competitive and euphoric the next.

In spite being in the middle of this conflicted spot, I am just happy that people, including beauty bloggers, are very much concerned and socially aware.

3. Swap with Shobe!

I was able to meet Camille Santos/Shobe of LittleBeautyBag and we chatted and swapped! She's one of my favorite bloggers, and she's the girl-recently-turned-MUA responsible for looks like these:

In exchange of my Shu Uemura Nobara Foundation in #754, Guerlain Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss in Berry Pink, Guerlain Meteorites in Mythic (mini) and Elianto 10-piece blush palette, I was able to get Shu Uemura Pro Spot Liquid Concealer (discontinued), L'oreal Blush Delicieux in Sandalwood Veil (not in pic), Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline MMU in Frisky Chartreux, MAC Paint Pot in Delft, MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering and Lancome Juicy Tubes in Simmer (mini)!

No pictures of us together, though. Boo. After braving the sweltering heat of Metro Manila and being strategically placed in the dingy corner of Wendy's Dapitan, I don't think we'll be able to capture a nice shot, even if it's composed by pretty bloggers like us hahaha! So we had to make do with our cups of Wendy's Frosty and some chismis here and there - about makeup, of course! I even had to apologize to her hubby though for taking Shobe away for a while, because we talked and talked.

Thanks Shobe, and till next time! And yes, I hope you do become a professional makeup artist someday!


P.S. I recently won a super contest sponsored by a very generous blogger! I'll dedicate a future entry to the loot. Stay tuned!


  1. That's so cute of you two meeting up. Too bad there aren't pictures. Hey, is that the Wendy's in Dapitan? :P

  2. Pammy, yes!!! =) Wendys Dapitan is still alive, even if its neighbors (Burger King, Chowking, etc) have been closing down/renovating constantly. Visit UST some time maybe we can all meet up or something, haha. Cheers!

  3. Finally a post. Priority on the real life first!

    My heart goes out to the victims. It is really sad things have to end this way. Also, Miss Phillipines might be in top three if not because of her final answer.

  4. I agree! Thank you for your sentiments. I was horrified with the entire ordeal =(

    On Venus - I think so. She was a crowd favorite, and her features are really woah!