Monday, August 30, 2010

Contest Entry: EMS-EXPRESS' Early Holiday Giveaway (Closed)

I am ecstatic at how generous Pinay beauty bloggers are this year! 

Ems of Ems-Express has a good one in store for all of us:

When you join her contest, you'll get these fabulous prizes:

Mineral Flowers Facial Set (
Facial Wash, Facial Wash Off Mask and Facial Moisturizer)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Powder
Kiehl's Lip Gloss
Kiehl's Eye Alert
Kiehl's Grapefruit 
Hand and Body Lotion (travel size)
Shu Uemura Make-Up Pouch 

Click here for the mechanics! This Early Holiday Give-Away contest will be open from today August 28, 2010 until September 15, 2010 only!

(I do hope I will get the chance to try the UV Underbase, I've been oh-so-curious!)


I'll have to admit, one of the reasons I have joined the beauty-blogging circuit is so that I can join and win prizes! Does this sound crass and desperate? LOL. But come on, it's partly true. Who doesn't like winning by chance, anyway? =)

Happy face FTW!

See, I've quit my corporate job two years ago because I have decided that I am not really meant for  it. I am destined to be in the academe. And because of this, I have to face two consequences:

(1) While I write my thesis and be a geek again, how in the world will I afford my former luxuries?!
(2) What stress-relaxing hobby can I get into without spending too much of my savings?

And voila: Blogging!! Girltalk posting has been fun (I am east_hyacinth), but personally writing in your own space in the web is tons better. I don't get paid for what I do, and neither have I been asked to review stuff... But I have had my share of successful winnings through awesome contests by dear new followers, readers, and fellow bloggers (Hello Shobe, Liz and Aimee) since I started posting in June! Thank you, it has been an awesome ride so far. This is a fun perk aside from the pleasure and delight I get when I read comments, suggestions, and appreciative remarks from fellow makeup enthusiasts.

I've been meaning to hold a giveaway, probably when I reach 100 followers (which is pretty soon)!

Okay, enough with the tirade. Cheers everyone!



  1. hello to you too! hope you win this one as well. :)

  2. Good luck, Trace. I hope you win. :P

  3. hi trace,
    2 points for you dear, mentioned your blog for this early holiday giveaway. though im also crossing my fingers to get the loot, haha!

    btw, im excited for your own giveaway, will surely support you and that'll be soon i guess, just 5followers more? haha, good luck! :D

  4. Thanks Dianne, so nice of you!!! =) Let's hope consolation prizes are available for everyone joining hehehehe =D

  5. Trace! You are 4 follower away from a giveaway. :P I just followed. Hehe... Mine is still far far away from reaching 100 follower.

    I love that picture of yours. So sweet.

    Good luck! Those are sure pretty good things to win!

  6. Fish Fish! Thank you! =) I actually did not know you weren't a follower yet, we've been exchanging comments for the longest time hahaha


  7. LOL True. I have only followed one blog, as my friend need that for his MBA project. Yours the second. I don't follow blog, I simply just have them on my side links for the blog I like, and I just click on them and read it. Easier for me. :P