Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vote for Me! The Body Shop Contest on Facebook

Got a blog-worthy testimonial on how amazingly The Body Shop skincare products worked for you? Share it and win the complete Moisture White Shiso product range! 

Simply share your testimony in the 'Reply' field of this window. Whoever gets the most number of 'Likes' will be proclaimed the winner! That easy! So, join and get the chance to win the complete Moisture White Shiso range and experience luminous skin in 4 weeks! Good luck girls! 

Contest will run from July 23, 2010- August 12, 2010!  


So I have joined this contest and it ends tonight! =) I am in the lead but we can never assure victory early, right? If you have a facebook account, do vote for me!


1. Please "like" The Body Shop Philippines page

2. Please "like" my comment on the note

Add me as a friend as well, if you want! =)

Wish me luck! I am in dire need of a new skincare regimen because (1) my old one has stopped working for me after three sets; and (2) I have to get rid of the dark marks left behind by zits caused by BB Creams =( See, valid reasons to support me! Haha!

Thank you in advance!



  1. I did like it already sis... hope you get it!!!

  2. Hi Ems - Thank you! :) I don't think I will win though =( I was in the lead August 12 (12am) at 159 votes. It took me a week to convince my list of friends to vote for me!

    But then some participants started doing link exchanges with foreign-folks hungry for votes - abduls and irmas and yezzels from bahrain or UK or malaysia, etc. Their numbers have been climbing steadily high! Gosh I didn't know that's possible.

    So yeah, bitter =( I'm not even sure if nadaya ako, but I feel bad about it.

  3. I'll vote for you! ;) Getting free stuff is always fun.

  4. Argh~ Trace, I am one step too late. I just voted and found out they already have two winners. :( Sorry for being late.

  5. Fish Fish - Oh, don't worry, it's absolutely OK! :) Thank you dear!