Sunday, August 29, 2010

What are you lemming for?

I've been salivating over two items for the longest time. 

I have still not taken the plunge to buy them, but I will definitely be very happy when I get my hands on these beautiful things:

Laura Mercier Eye Design in Black Ebony

Laura Mercier introduces the must-have collection for all women looking to create timeless, classic eyes. A perfect accessory to your makeup regimen, Eye Design - Line, Define, Intensify is an everyday essential to take your look from day to night, meetings to martinis in a few simple steps. 
  • A three well compact containing an Eye Liner, Caviar Eye Liner and Eye Colour
  • A full-size Black Thickening and Building Mascara
  • An exclusive Lash Curler
  • Four double-ended brushes - Flat Eye Liner Brush/Pointed Eye Liner Brush, Smoky Eye Liner Brush/Creme Eye Detail Brush, Eye Crease Brush/Smudge Brush and Eye Colour Brush/Corner Eye Colour Brush
  • Black Ebony contains a Noir Matte Eye Colour, Black Ebony Eye Liner, Black Caviar Eye Liner and Black Thickening and Building Mascara
  • Mahogany Brown contains a Coffee Ground Matte Eye Colour, Mahogany Brown Eye Liner, Chestnut Caviar Eye Liner and Black Thickening and Building Mascara
  • Eye Liner - 0.05 oz., Caviar Eye Liner - 0.08 oz., Eye Colour - 0.09 oz., Thickening & Building Mascara - 0.20 oz.

SAD PART? Only Mahogany Brown is available on the Laura Mercier website, and this set can't be bought at Sephora anymore. =( The set is exclusive in those two websites as far as I can tell, and I've asked around local LM counters and the SA's haven't even heard of it. The reason I still don't have this is because aside from the fact it's a whopping $75 I still have to pay for taxes and shipping! But seriously, this has been giving me obsession nightmares. Haha!
Intense and lustrous, this dewy cream eyeshadow transforms into powder that creates a glaze of brilliant, shimmery color. Crease-resistant. Long-wearing. Color looks brilliant alone or in combination.

SAD PART? It's expensive here in Manila! It costs PhP 1, 850 at Shiseido Counters! Even at 25% off I am having a hard time forking out cash for such a small pot! But I really love the color, it's ridiculous since I have a lot of dupes already.

I'm curious... What are your lemmings?



  1. the laura mercier set looks fab!

  2. Oh yeah Crystal =D I soooo want the brushes and the liners and everything!

  3. I actually forked over the cash for 2 of those hydro powder things. I thought I was going to faint when I was counting out the bills for two little pots. Ugh. I'll post about them this week! XD

  4. Really Lizz? :) I am excited to read your post! Parang mga 5 years ko na lemming ang hydro-powder in glistening sand. i got the whitelights for a lesser price in GT, but i couldn't find a good deal for that shade =(