Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lootwagonista Love!

So yes, I am very excited to share what I've received from Aimee! This is my first time to win an extremely generous loot made up of useful and high-end items - all because she enjoyed reading my contest entry

Thank you so much, 

Look, a sweet note from dear Aimee! 

Here are the prizes!

4.5g Net wt. 0.16 oz.

"Our do-it-all cream shadow lines, shades and contours eyes with its alluring crease-proof, smudge-proof formula. Go as sheer or as dramatic as you like with buildable color. Either way, these shadows stay put!what else you need to know:These gorgeous creams come in 11 blendable shades that can be worn alone or mixed for endless custom looks."

The product looks like the cream version of Stila's Kitten Eyeshadow, which I have as well! I think they'll look very good together.

Now I want to buy the shade Birthday Suit! Check out the swatches @ Temptalia.

8.6ml e 0.29 US fl oz
"Enhance your intimate experiences. The love child of lip gloss and lipstick, Ultraglide provides the ultra-slick texture of a deluxe gloss with the semi-opaque color of a lipstick. The result: deep, rich color and beautiful coverage without the tackiness of other glosses. Featuring antioxidant Vitamin E and skin conditioners, the unique (and provocative) lightweight texture offers a smooth glide that takes lethal lips to an entirely new level. And to further heighten your pleasure, each shade is laced with a unique flavor. Mmmm."

Gorgeous color, don't you think? =)

"Why we love it: Conceal the evidence with you're bluffing, our buttermilk yellow cream stick that conceals redness. what else you need to know:The portable slimline design makes touch-ups a breeze!
1.0g Net wt. 0.03 oz.

I've never tried a shocking yellow concealer before, so this is a first! From the looks of it, this one is very pigmented. Will see how this goes!

"Why blush when you can fake a flirtatious flush! CHEEKY TINTS is a dual-purpose cheek and lip tint, simply brush on a hint of tint for a cheeky flushed complexion and sexy stained pout. The revolutionary fine brush applicator delivers a precise and instant splash of colour for a long lasting, no mess finish."

The stain it leaves looks very similar to Avon's Simply Pretty Lip and Cheek Tint, which I adore! This is a tad better, given that it smells yummy!

Now I have no excuse not to wash my brushes after every use!

I have not started using them yet, but I will be going out tomorrow so I'll try them out then. Thanks to my sister Dawn for taking the photos. =)



  1. OMG I'm in love~! How lucky you are! I totally want that benefit eyeshadow!

  2. I am so happy your loving your winnings! Visit my blog again as there is a big bunch of goodies I am giving away! you and your sister might win it... so hoping you would join....

  3. Very nice Trace! Congrats! I have the R.S.V.P., but as I am not good with cream eyeshadows, I am still wondering how I shoud use it. How do you like the UD lipgloss?

  4. Such a nice loot. Congrats, dear. :)

  5. awesome! glad you got the stuff! :-)

  6. Hey Morbidfrank and Pammy! Thank you =)

    Lizz - Do get it! I love the color too! It stays on for a long time =)

    Shin - Thank you! Aimee is awesome!

    Ems - Will certainly do! I'm not sure if the lucky streak will continue, but I certainly hope so :) Thanks again for being so giving with your stuff! I love reading your blog actually. Your topics are unique!

    Fish Fish - I love using cream shadows to highlight. The UD lipgloss, surprisingly, is sheer when applied. It leaves a nice berry stain that is so wearable... Tastes nice too. Haha. I prefer it over pigmented lipglosses.

    Aimee - Cheers!!! =)

  7. The concealer looks promising!!:) Congrats!:)