Thursday, January 25, 2018

Essence Hi! Lighting Eyeshadow Mousse in Hi! Mauve

Hello dears!

Four years ago, I blogged about a cream eyeshadow from Essence that I just love to use as an eyeshadow base. I loved it so much that I was so disappointed when I learned that the Essence shops at the leading department stores do not carry those long-lasting eyeshadows anymore. 

Last December, I visited one of their counters to check just in case they carry that cream eyeshadow again or if the brand released a similar product. There was none... but, the sales attendant recommended that I try this...

Essence Hi! Lighting Eyeshadow Mousse in Hi! Mauve
I bought this for PhP 229.00.

There was only one shade available when I was there and it's hi! mauve. It's still great because the shade is a shimmery-metallic nude that is very wearable.

Here's the product description from the tube:

Product description from the website:

the mousse texture with a cooling effect is sure to make the eyelids shine like the stars.


Honestly, I don't feel any "cooling effect." Maybe it's just too warm in the Philippines. Haha! 

I do like the simplicity of the packaging. When it comes to mousse and liquid type of eyeshadows that are housed in tubes, I really like when it's stored in a clear container where you can see the shade as well as how much of the product is left. The design is also good because it's simple but the brand's youthful and cute personality is there.

Here's a swatch.

It has good pigmentation and it glides smoothly on skin when applied with the doe-foot wand. It feels lightweight and can be easily blended. However, I noticed that it smells chemical-ish that really turned me off. It is still mild enough that you don't smell it unless you sniff the product.

When it dries, it's like it has dried on skin like how liquid lipsticks do. 

I tried to smudge it but apparently the end of the swatch hasn't dried much. Haha! But the other end was still there. I waited again until the whole swatch was dry.

I rubbed the swatch and it didn't smudge! It stayed in place very well.

It reminded me a lot of the Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows I used to buy. So I tried to use this eyeshadow mousse as an eyeshadow base just like how I used the other one before. Unfortunately, it creased along with my powder eyeshadows after half a day. So it's not a good replacement, nor can it be a base. It can still last a long while but I still had to use a good eyeshadow primer or base and just pat a small amount of product. I still need powder eyeshadows to avoid my lids getting oily and getting every eye makeup creasing on my lids. I usually use this and top it with a powder eyeshadow that's close to this shade or a transparent loose powder to keep it in place the whole day.

The color is indeed great as a highlighter. I use it on the inner corners of my lids and even at the bottom lids (tear liner effect). You can also use this as a long-lasting liquid highlighter. If it dries and sets too quickly before you blend it, you can add some dry oil or spray a little face mist on your hand and mix it together before applying it on the areas you want to highlight.

So I have mixed feelings with this one. I do like the color and highlight, the consistency, and how lightweight this product is, but I just want my long-lasting eyeshadow that I can use as a base. Huhuhu. Essence, please bring it back! :P

And that's all for this post! Have you guys tried this product yet?


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